WWE News: Former WCW World Champion Makes His Return To The Ring


For those who watched professional wrestling back in days of WCW, you’ll remember when David Arquette was the World Heavyweight Champion. You may even still watch Ready to Rumble to reminisce and because it is one of your guilty pleasures. Last month, Arquette revealed that he wanted to return to the wrestling ring, but no one really knew if he was serious or not. Well, on Thursday night, he proved that he was serious by returning to wrestling at a show out in Hollywood.

Just a few weeks ago, Arquette was a guest on The Wendy Williams Show where he revealed his intention to wrestle again. Oddly enough, the official website of WWE picked up on the story and promoted the fact that Arquette is looking to make a better name for himself in the wrestling world.

“For 18 years, I’ve been trolled on the Internet. And I just want to bring some respect back to my name.”

Since Arquette was on the show to promote his new Netflix series, everyone thought he was joking about returning to the wrestling, but no one is laughing now. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that not only did Arquette attend an event for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on Thursday, but he helped determine the outcome of a tag match.

During the event, the 46-year-old Arquette ended up being persuaded by Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon to get into the ring and take out The Rockness Monsters. As a matter of fact, they wanted him to hit them with Stinger Splashes, which was a flashback to his days in WCW.

Then, things turned on Arquette as Kevin and Yuma Martenson dragged him into the ring and looked to finish him off. He ducked underneath a double elbow attempt and delivered a few shots before hitting the Monsters with a Double Stunner.

It was obvious that the crowd loved it because he received a pretty loud pop considering the number of people in attendance.

Back on April 26, 2000, David Arquette partnered with Diamond Dallas Page to take on the team of Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff on an episode of WCW Thunder. The match had a stipulation that whomever scored the winning pinfall would become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and it just so happened that Arquette pinned Bischoff.

All of this could be to help promote his new Netflix series, or he simply could be serious about giving wrestling another shot. Whatever the case may be, David Arquette was back in the ring this week after 18 years away and he didn’t do too bad for himself. Now, only time will tell if his wrestling return ever leads to anything with WWE, but he’s still going to always be in the record books as one of the holders of WCW’s most prestigious championship.