‘Lucifer’ Fans Are Jubilant After Netflix Announces They Will Pick Up the Series For Season 4

Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

Fans of Lucifer have been waging a major social media campaign with the hashtag “SaveLucifer,” and now they have good reason to rejoice today as Netflix has just announced that they will be picking up the hugely popular ex-Fox series for Season 4.

As Deadline reports, Lucifer marks the second series that Fox has canceled this year that ended up being a number one trending topic in places like Twitter, with both of these shows being picked up by other networks.

The first of these shows was the comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was later grabbed by NBC after much campaigning by social media users, and now Lucifer has also found a new home at Netflix, much to the delight of its many fans that refused to give up their fight.

The news that there will be a Season 4 of Lucifer has come at just the right time, as there was the very real possibility that with contracts ending, actors would be able to audition for other shows, making it difficult to keep the strong cast of the show together.

It is being reported that there were many networks interesting in picking up the show, as Amazon was also engaging in talks with the creators of Lucifer; but in the end it was Netflix that won the series after a deal was made with Hulu, who control the rights in the United States for the drama.


Lucifer co-star Joe Henderson announced the happy news that the show would be back for Season 4 on Twitter, thanking fans for their massive “SaveLucifer” campaign that was waged all over social media from Twitter to Facebook to Reddit.

“Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the #Lucifer fans. You brought us back. YOU did this. So relax, take a breath, put some ice on those fingers that have been hashtagging up a storm… and get ready for more deviltime.”

Meanwhile, Lucifer star Tom Ellis, who returned to Los Angeles to work with producers to find a new home for the show, posted on Twitter, exclaiming how happy he was, and thanking fans for their support.

“#LuciferSeason4 on @Netflix wow that sounds nice. You fans made this happen. #LuciFansrock #Lucifersaved ✊????”

Showing his enthusiasm, Ellis also immediately put out a second tweet.

“WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and love for #Lucifer I am so happy for all our fans I’m going to burst.”


For fans of Lucifer who have been dying to know what will happen after the Season 3 finale of the show, that question will now be answered after the happy news from Netflix that the series will be returning for Season 4.