Emily Ratajkowski's Bikini Body Diet And Workout Tips

Samantha Chang

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski maintains her hot bikini body with a healthy, portion-controlled diet and regular yoga workouts, but isn't a fitness fanatic.

Since rocketing to global stardom after starring in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video in 2013, Ratajkowski's popularity has soared, as evidenced by her 18 million Instagram followers.

Emily frequently posts nude selfies and bikini photos on Instagram to the delight of her legions of fans. Despite being celebrated for her sexy bikini body, Ratajkowski doesn't obsess over diet and exercise and prefers a moderate approach to fitness.

Ratajkowski typically sticks to a high-protein, meat-heavy diet. "I'm a carnivore," she said. "I really like to eat meat. I crave iron, so I am definitely not the kind of person who you will find eating a salad."

Emily tries to limit her sugar intake, but still regularly enjoys desserts and snacks such as cupcakes and croissants when she gets a craving.

Dinner is usually a social affair with her husband and some friends, so it's sometimes sushi or whatever the specialty of the restaurant that she goes to offers. Emily also loves Mexican cuisine and Thai food based on her Instagram feed.

In February 2018, Ratajkowski made headlines after marrying actor/producer Sebastian Bear-McClard at City Hall in New York.

The sudden wedding surprised many because Bear-McClard, 31, and Emily, 27, had only dated for a few weeks before tying the knot. But so far the young couple looks very happy.

"I never loved the idea of wearing white for a wedding because I'm not a pure woman," Emily told Vanity Fair. "I'm a woman with a lot of character and experience and life. I also just loved the idea of a suit, especially at City Hall because it's like you're taking care of business."