Halle Berry Dunked Her ‘Bare Breast Into A Bowl Of Guacamole On Set’ Says Director

Halle Berry apparently took off her top and decided to dunk her bare breast into a bowl of guacamole for her new film, Movie 43, the project’s director Peter Farrelly revealed today.

Whilst participating in an online chat entitled, Ask Me Anything, for the social network site Reddit to promote the movie that is released on Friday, Farrelly was asked, “Who surprised him most?”

Farrelly then responded, “I would have to say Halle Berry. I was a little nervous about meeting her because the scene is so outrageous and I was afraid she might get on the set and balk.”

The scene in question revolves around her character partaking in a game of truth or dare with her co-star, British comedian Stephen Merchant. But it would appear that the 46-year-old wanted to go further than her director previously believed she was capable of.

“Not only did she not, but she thought the scene was too soft, and asked us to amp it up a little,” revealed Farrelly. ” We ended up coming up with a couple of things for her to do that weren’t scripted, but were insane.”

The Dumb and Dumber filmmaker then added, “To give you an example [her scene] is about a couple who play truth or dare on a first date. Among other things she ended up sticking her bare breast into a bowl of guacamole. She couldn’t have been more fun to work with.”

Movie 43 has been described as a riotous piece of cinema, and features raunchy comedy that focuses around swearing and sex.