Tiffany Trump Spent Time With Biden’s Granddaughter, Reportedly Planning A Trip With Lindsay Lohan

Tiffany and Biden's granddaughter spent time together at the Hamptons recently.

Tiffany Trump hangs out with Naomi Biden.
Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Images

Tiffany and Biden's granddaughter spent time together at the Hamptons recently.

Tiffany was seen with Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, at the Hamptons. The two know each other from college and were at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, detailed Page Six.

Plus, Tiffany is reportedly planning a trip to Mykonos with Lindsay Lohan and Marcy Warren, according to Cosmopolitan. The rumors started when a screenshot of a FaceTime chat with Lohan, Trump, and Warren with the words “Planning Mykonos.” And this isn’t too surprising, because Lohan just opened a beachside club called “Lohan Beach House” on the Mykonos islands.

It’s an ironic twist for Tiffany to hang out so casually with Naomi, since their grandfather and father are constantly going back and forth, insulting each other. Recently, Biden said that he would “take [Trump] behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. In response, Trump tweeted that “Crazy Joe Biden is trying to at like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically.”

Also, when it came to the historic US-North Korean summit in Singapore on June 12, Biden said that “We have reduced our leverage and signaled a weakening of our alliance in return for vague promises to begin nuclear negotiations—the same kind of promises that the North Korean regime has made to American presidents of both parties in the past—and broken repeatedly.” The criticism that Biden has of the vague promises is echoed by many others, with many believing that a detailed action plan is necessary to ensure complete denuclearization. Regardless, Trump and Kim both declared the summit to be a success.

Meanwhile, Tiffany is possibly the unlikely bridge between the partisan lines. During the campaign trail, Tiffany was seen quite often, but after Trump won the presidency, she has distanced herself quite a bit, according to Inquisitr. Right now, she’s attending Georgetown Law School. Previously, Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Tiffany’s big brother Eric has insisted that she and Barron should be “100 percent off-limits” when it comes to media coverage. During the remark, Eric also said that he and Ivanka are “adults; we’ve developed a bit of an armor,” and insinuated that Tiffany and Barron have not.

It doesn’t appear that anyone is clamoring to bother Tiffany, however, as recent media coverage has been fairly benign. Recently, she was seen at the HalfSmoke restaurant and bar in Washington DC playing “Trumped Up Cards,” which is a new version of the popular game “Cards Against Humanity.”