WWE Rumors: WWE Interested In Big Names From NJPW And 'All In,' According To 'Wrestling Inc'

Danny Cox

One of the biggest topics in professional wrestling right now is the All In event that will be happening in Chicago in early September. Just about everyone who is involved with that event has been getting a lot of press and hype from the media, but now, it's for a different reason. As the guys at the top land even more in the public eye, rumors are starting to swirl that WWE is taking notice and they could very well go after Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks very soon.

They are a few of the most sought-after wrestling talents in the entire world, and they're not even free agents at the moment. Still, that isn't taking away from the idea of WWE going after all three of the wrestlers and trying to bring them into the company after their current contracts expire.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., there is speculation that WWE is looking to take the necessary moves to reach out to Omega and the Young Bucks. They may be looking to reach out to others in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and those involved with All In, but these are the names that jump out from the start.

With the way that WWE has been running their website and social media accounts lately, a bit of strength has been added to these rumors.

Recently, there was a lot of focus given to the Elite taking on The New Day in a video game competition at E3 and it was streamed on Xavier Woods' "Up Up Down Down" channel on YouTube. The two stables have played around with and taken jabs at one another for years, but WWE is giving it a lot of attention now.

The Wrestling Observer also pointed out that Omega, the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, made his first appearance on the WWE Network this week. A match featuring Omega taking on Cru Jones in Deep South Wrestling was uploaded to the network and it was promoted heavily on WWE's website.

As things currently stand, the NJPW contracts for the Young Bucks expire later this year. Kenny Omega's contract with NJPW is set to expire in January. At this time, they have not signed new deals and there has been no word on them extending their current stay with the promotion. If the rumors are true and WWE reaches out to them, it is not out of the question for all three superstars to receive deals with the company.

If that happens, though, what would Cody Rhodes do?