‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Almost Went Blind After Tree Branch Accident, Per ‘Radar Online’

Discovery Channel

Star of the hit show, Alaskan Bush People, Solomon “Bear” Brown, found himself in the emergency room last month when he suffered an injury to his eye.

After the accident, he took to social media to share photos of both the eye patch he had to wear while his eye was on the mend and the hospital bracelet. Fans of the popular show took to social media to wish him well and offer condolences.

After seeing that Bear was hurt and waiting to be seen in the emergency room, donning the traditional paper bracelet, one of his Instagram followers had the following to say.

“That can’t be good. Hope everything is cool and you are on the mend! Those knuckles though…it looks like you have been punching the mess out of something.”

When the photo of the eye patch was released, Bear’s followers really began to fear that the worst had happened. One follower suggested that Bear should be more careful. They did, however, remain optimistic by stating that wearing an eye patch is better than losing an eye.

At the time of his accident, a representative from the Discovery Channel told PEOPLE that Bear was “running through the woods,” tracking an animal, when he ran face first into a branch. As a result, the branch stabbed him in the eye and scratched his cornea. The scratch severely compromised Brown’s vision.

Several social media followers chastized the Alaskan Bush family. They felt that the family was ignoring their inquiries regarding Bear’s health. Some people even claimed that the injury was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

According to a Radar Online exclusive update, Bear put the health of his family members before his own injury, inadvertently delaying the update to social media followers and viewers of the show.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Ami Brown has been battling lung cancer and is still dealing with her diagnosis and treatment. An insider told Radar Online that Ami has the “love and support of her entire family.” Last week, Ami underwent tests for cancer. Bear has been busy as of late, traveling with his mom to her appointments at UCLA in California.

Radar Online recently reported that the Alaskan Bush People star received the best possible gift for his 31st birthday this week, “the gift of sight.” In fact, the publication told readers that the Discovery Channel daredevil “is almost fully recovered” after he “nearly lost his vision.”

In the midst of controversy, Solomon Bear Brown has chosen to hold his head high and continue to “be extreme.” Even after a vision-threatening injury, the king of extreme vows to “never take a moment for granted and live every day to the fullest.”