Natalie Portman Calls Former Friend Jared Kushner A ‘Super Villain’

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Natalie Portman blasted old friend Jared Kushner during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, calling him a “super-villain.” The two attended Harvard together and were so close that Portman even attended his wedding to Ivanka Trump in 2009.

According to the actress, their friendship is now over as she blasted him for “becoming a super-villain.” The actress stated, “There’s not a lot funny to say about someone you were friends with becoming a ‘super-villain.’ He said in some interview that all of the friends he’s lost through politics is like exfoliating. I was like, OK…”

“So you’re a dead skin cell?” Colbert quipped. Portman answered, “Proudly.”

Portman, who went to Harvard with Kushner, (the two graduated in 2003) also revealed that Donald Trump’s son-in-law was not a very good student. The late-night host said “I heard he wasn’t that great of a student,” to which Portman responded, “That is… true.” According to The Daily Mail, Kushner left Harvard with a degree in and Portman majored in psychology. The site also reported she worked as a researcher for law professor Alan Dershowitz while she was a student, and worked on his book The Case for Israel. She also attended events at the Harvard Hillel, according to The Jerusalem Post.

During his time in college, Kushner was active in the Chabad on campus, and it is no surprise that the pair would have run into each other.

The actress did not say when she and the White House Senior Advisor stopped speaking.

Portman campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Kushner once said in an interview with Forbes, “Anyone who was willing to change a friendship or not do business because of who somebody supports in politics is not somebody who has a lot of character. People are very fickle. You have to find what you believe in, challenge your truths. And if you believe in something, even if it’s unpopular, you have to push with it.”


The actress appeared on Colbert’s show to promote her new documentary Eating Animals which is about factory farming in America. Portman has been a vegetarian since the age of nine. She most recently became vegan.

Portman also addressed her love for her Star Wars “son” Mark Hamill on the talk show, stating after the actor tweeted about it, “Mark, I’d love to meet ya,” she said, extending an invitation. “Where are ya? Come over.”