‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Thursday, June 14: Hope Finds Closure, Ridge & Xander Meet, Liam Confesses

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Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, June 14, states that Xander (Adain Bradley) met Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in the Forrester Creations boardroom. Maya (Karla Mosley) and Emma (Nia Sioux) are also there. After looking at the graphic design portfolio, Ridge mentions that he likes Emma. Xander jokes that he also saw stars when he met her, referring to how she knocked him out cold with her dance routine. Someone mentions that Hope is no longer in the building but left to see somebody. Ridge is concerned about her and asks if she is upset. However, Emma just talks about how much she admires her. Ridge also decides to leave. Xander was worried that he somehow offended the head designer but Emma tells him that Ridge’s reaction has nothing to do with him.

According to She Knows Soaps, Liam (Scott Clifton) went over to Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) house to check if Hope is okay. He and Brooke end up talking about Kelly, and Brooke tells him that he has a very cute daughter. She also says that she is very sad that things didn’t work out between him and Hope, and that she feels sad for her daughter’s sake. She tells Liam that Hope is still standing strong but has gone to the cliff house to meet the baby.


Alone with Brooke, Liam admits that he will always care about Hope. When Brooke mentions that she took a gift for the baby, Liam tells her that she raised Hope to be a thoughtful young woman. Brooke says that she hadn’t been always been there for Hope, so when the chance came to fight for what her daughter wanted, she put everything into keeping her and Liam together. Bold and the Beautiful recap, via Soap Central, states that Brooke also tells Liam that if things had turned out differently, he and Hope would be together now.


Steffy and Hope continue to bond over baby Kelly. Steffy asks Hope if she would like to hold the baby, but Hope refuses and claims that the baby seems content with her mother. Steffy puts her daughter to sleep and the two continue talking. Steffy wants to know how Hope is coping, but Hope reassures her that she won’t interfere with Liam’s choice to be with his family.

Liam arrives back home from Brooke’s house, and Hope congratulates the new dad. He thanks her for the gift and Hope gets ready to leave. She wishes them well and Liam apologizes for everything that she has been through. Hope tells him that she won’t be able to work with him every day and he reassures her that he understands. Once Hope is outside, she cries for everything that she has lost.