Chris Brown Cuddles Daughter Royalty In ‘Shade Room’ Video Posted Hours After Restraining Order Reports

Jonathan LeibsonGetty Images

Despite being hit with another restraining order, Chris Brown has chosen to spend time with his daughter, Royalty. The Blast broke the news that Brown has been accused of harassing and stalking a woman only known as Cassandra. The judge granted the temporary restraining order this week and ordered the Grammy Award-winning performer to stay at least 100 yards away from the plaintiff and it seems as if Breezy is doing just that. The Shade Room posted a pic of Chris Brown and Royalty at a dance rehearsal with the singer holding an apparently sleeping RoRo in his arms while he practices his steps.

With all the controversy surrounding CB, he still seems committed to making the upcoming “Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tour” a success and tying in his daddy duties at the same time. Royalty’s grandmother, Joyce Hawkins, was also at the studio and spent some quality time with the four-year-old while Chris perfected his dance moves. Hot New Hip Hop reports that when the day’s session ended, Royalty had the entire floor to herself and made good use of it by running around and playing with her dad. The little girl, who has a whole album named after her, certainly still seems to be the apple of his eye.

However, Breezy still cannot seem to stay out of the limelight for the wrong reasons. The 24-year-old Cassandra claims that Chris Brown has been behaving rather inappropriately towards her. The legal documents filed with the court paints a picture of a troubled man. She also says that he has hit her.

“It happens at different random times.”

“He follows me and stalks me home.”

CB’s attorney, Mark Geragos, claims that Chris doesn’t even know the plaintiff. However, Cassandra says that she went to one of Chris’ parties.

“This is sad because it’s obviously the disjointed ranting of someone Chris doesn’t know who has mental health issues.”

“This just creates celebrity meet and greets with deranged fans, and perhaps the court may want to engage their Mental Health Department.”

Just last month, “Jane Doe” implicated Chris Brown in a sexual battery lawsuit. The plaintiff alleges that she was sexually assaulted in Breezy’s home by one of his acquaintances and that she was prevented from using her cell phone in his home. The purported victim made a demand of $17 million from the “Loyal” singer, which according to his attorney, is just a ploy to make money from the star.

One thing remains clear, Royalty has a special place in her father’s heart.