Tami Roman Lands ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Spinoff, Responds To Luenell’s Remarks On ‘Social Media Comedians’

Tami Roman, the reality TV vet who hails from Season 1 of MTV’s hit reality show, The Real World, has had major success with her viral Instagram series, the “Bonnet Chronicles.” In fact, Roman just landed a Basketball Wives LA spinoff which will give fans a glimpse into her busy life managing her budding career and a peek into the life of her family.

However, a comic vet that Roman looks up to, 58-year-old Luenell, revealed on The Breakfast Club that she wasn’t too big on Instagram comics.

In April, Luenell shared her thoughts on “social media comedians” and said that it bothers her and she believes that it bothers other veteran comics that comics on social media are getting paid more. Lunell said that she doesn’t do comedy for the money — but, she would like to get paid for being one of the “bad ones out there.”

The Basketball Wives LA star appeared on the Sister Circle talk show on June 12, where she went “on record” on how she felt after Luenell criticized her and NeNe Leakes when she discussed the way new comedians are breaking into the comedy industry.

“A person who I really admired and respected, she came for myself and NeNe [Leakes]: Luenell.”

Luenell is still touring the world as a stand-up comedian and has a career that spans television, film, theater, and even crosses over into the music industry.

Tami continued to say that Luenell previously referred to her and other comedians as “the reality people.”

“She doesn’t like, I guess the fact that — she calls us, ‘the reality people’ — are segueing into comedy. There’s a lane for everybody, which is why I don’t call myself a comedian. I just get up there and tell great stories and hopefully people laugh and think they’re funny.”

Fans of the women were battling it out online and taking sides when Luenell’s niece caught wind Tami’s interview.


According to EUR Web, Luenell’s niece said that she needed “receipts” that the comedian called out Tami and Nene and said she could not recall Tami and Luenell ever being in the same room. The upset niece went on to attack Roman’s physical appearance and said that Tami made a career out of bullying and being mean to other black women.

Tami Roman’s comedy career is flourishing and she’s now touring. Tami’s “Bonnet Chronicles” began when the television personality uploaded uncut video clips of herself in a bonnet while commenting on scandals and other major news in the celebrity world.

Since Tami teamed up with TIDAL, the series can be seen exclusively on the website, according to Rolling Out. When Roman announced the partnership between herself and TIDAL, she informed fans that they will get a free 90-day trial before they incur any billing from the streaming music site.

The Bonnet Chronicles on TIDAL is a bi-weekly scripted series based on Tami’s unapologetic Instagram persona, “Petty Betty,” and her colorful family.


In the first episode of the Bonnet Chronicles, Betty, who is a single mom to her son, Kenny, has fallen on difficult times and are forced to deal with their new life.

The highly successful series was executive produced by Roman and Ernest Dukes.

Roman is reported to be starring in a new show called The Beverly Trill Billies. The Jasmin Brand reported that the premise of the show is a hilarious revival of the 1962 classic sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies.