Barbara Walters Reportedly ‘Producing’ Her Own Funeral, Per ‘Radar Online’

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The health of legendary television newswoman Barbara Walters has reportedly been deteriorating, and now sources close to the 88-year-old are alleging that she is making all of the arrangements for her own funeral.

“Barbara is a total control freak so it should be no surprise that she’s producing her funeral,” an insider told Radar Online.

The talented TV personality has produced many major programs — including 20/20 and various news specials that she hosted for ABC, and The View, which she helped create in 1997 — so organizing a funeral should be an easy feat, even if it is for herself.

“She got the idea to call it her ‘Exit Plan’ from her late friend, writer Nora Ephron,” the source continued. “Every single detail has been spelled out — from the flowers, to the venue, to the guests, and even who she wants to sing.”

The Radar source also said that Walters’ ideal funeral would include a video montage of her favorite on-screen moments, like the interviews she did with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Is planning your own funeral a crazy idea, or a rather smart one? After all, the soon-to-be-deceased would get to rest in peace after a ceremony filled with all of their favorite things.

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Reports started surfacing about two years ago saying Walters’ health was on the decline.

According to a Radar Online report from last September, a friend of the news maven said she never leaves her New York City apartment anymore, and is attended to 24/7 by a nursing team.

She has had some heart issues in the past, which may be contributing to her current situation. In May, 2010, Walters had an aortic valve replaced in her heart, according to ABC News. Dementia is claimed to be one of the newer ailments Walters is suffering.

“She’s so disorientated she rarely remembers who she is talking to,” one of her pals told Radar.

Additionally, she is said to be extremely weak, requiring a wheelchair to get around.

The television professional stopped co-hosting The View in May, 2014, after 17 years on the show.

“I wanted to walk away while I was still accomplishing things, still doing interviews,” she said at the time, according to NYC’s ABC7. “I didn’t want to walk away because someone was nipping at my heels and saying, ‘Why don’t you go?’ I like it better this way.”

Walters has reportedly not been seen in public since July, 2016, according to Radar Online.