NBA Trade Rumors: Memphis Grizzlies Shopping Chandler Parsons With No. 4 Pick, ‘The Athletic’ Suggests

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An interesting NBA trade rumor involving the Memphis Grizzlies and forward Chandler Parsons has reached the surface. It is an NBA trade rumor that could change the complexity of next week’s NBA draft.

Michael Scotto of The Athletic is reporting that the Memphis Grizzlies are open to do business in the NBA trade market. The Grizzlies have the No. 4 pick in the NBA draft. Some NBA rumors have the Grizzlies trading down, others have them standing pat.

With a draft considered to have so much talent in the top 12 spots, the Grizzlies’ selection is a coveted one. However, the report of the Grizzlies’ desire to trade the pick comes with a disclaimer; acquiring the No. 4 pick also means taking on the salary of Chandler Parsons.

For some teams, taking back Chandler Parsons and the $49.2 million he has remaining on his contract is a deal-breaker. Other teams may take a flier, depending on which draft prospects are on the board when the Grizzlies pick at No. 4.

Take the Los Angeles Clippers for instance. The Clippers have picks 12 and 13. The Clippers’ roster has the type of salary cap flexibility needed for them to take Chandler Parsons off the Memphis Grizzlies’ hands if the right player is available at No. 4.

Chandler Parsons shoots.
The Memphis Grizzlies are reportedly adding Chandler Parsons as a caveat for acquiring the No. 4 pick.Featured image credit: Robb CarrGetty Images

With rumors circulating around the NBA, according to Bleacher Report, that the Clippers are exploring ways to trade up in the draft to take Luka Doncic, nothing can be dismissed. Several draft-and-trade scenarios can be put together.

One scenario which could present itself is for Slovian guard Luka Doncic to fall in the draft.

The Grizzlies already have an All-Star-level point guard in Mike Conley and they have invested a lot of money in him. Because of this, the Grizzlies will pass on Luka Doncic if he is still on the board.

The NBA rumor mill is suggesting that Grizzlies have a desire to add a wing player to partner with Mike Conley and All-Ctar center Marc Gasol. Drafting a wing player with huge upside could give the Grizzlies a formidable starting five going forward. It would also signal that the Grizzlies’ No. 4 pick can be had.

If the speculation that the Los Angeles Clippers want to trade up is accurate, the Clippers could offer the Grizzlies their top two picks and a player for the Grizzlies No. 4 and Chandler Parsons. A third team could also be added as a buffer for the Grizzlies who want to be rid of Parsons’ contract.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta Hawks are willing to help NBA teams faciltate trades as a destination for bloated salaries. By taking on a bad contract or two, the Atlanta Hawks can get to the NBA’s mandated salary cap floor, along with a couple of future assets. The Hawks could easily join the Grizzlies in trade discussions and take Chandler Parsons’ deal and a future draft pick.

If the Memphis Grizzlies are successful in trading the No. 4 pick and Chandler Parsons, look for a ripple effect to take place in the NBA draft.