Donald Trump Sued By New York, Claiming Trump Used His Charity To Pay Off Business Debts, Decorate His Golf Club

President Donald Trump is being sued for illegal conduct at his personal charity. A laundry list of information is expected to be released as the court proceedings begin to mount. The lawsuit involving Donald Trump could bring an end to some of the president's business practices.

According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump, along with his three eldest children, are defendants in the case. The lawsuit is the latest in a slew of indictments tied to President Donald Trump.

Barbara Underwood of the New York attorney general's office filed the lawsuit against Donald Trump. News that a case against President Donald Trump has been filed comes just days after the president's historical sit down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Barbara Underwood's case against President Donald Trump alleges that he and his three eldest children have repeatedly misused funds from his personal charity. The report states that Donald Trump applied funds from the Donald J. Trump Foundation to some of his business dealings, decorated one of his golf clubs, and conducted various giveaways.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that Donald Trump and his children Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump all violated federal tax laws. The Donald J. Trump Foundation failed to meet basic fiduciary duties, while not ensuring that all of the assets were used in compliance with the law.

There were several accounts instances mentioned by the Washington Post. All of them come across as troubling to President Donald Trump.

One account noted in the lawsuit against Donald Trump alleges that the president spent over $330,000 in fines while running his campaign in 2016.

The Washington Post launched an investigation regarding Donald Trump's philanthropic affairs. Results from the investigation revealed that President Trump was not as giving to charitable causes as he has bragged about in the past.

The investigation cites an event in 1996 where Donald Trump attended a ribbon-cutting for a charity known as the Association to Benefit Children. Donald Trump, while present and sitting in a prominent seat, was not listed among the charity's biggest donors.

The latest lawsuit against President Donald Trump brought forth by Barbara Underwood and the New York attorney general's office reveals more of what several people have suspected for years.

Barbara Underwood is asking the court to dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation. She also is requesting that the court force the nonprofit organization to divide over $1 million in assets across several charities. Finally, Barbara Underwood wants Donald Trump to pay more than $2.8 million in fines and restitution fees.

If the court agrees to the requests of the New York attorney general's office, it could damage Donald Trump's already fledgling reputation in the eyes of many.

As expected, President Donald Trump has refuted the allegations in attorney general Barbara Underwood's lawsuit. Donald Trump took to Twitter to dismiss the claims, vowing that he will not settle the lawsuit against him.

Expectations of a probe into President Donald Trump's claims of raising over $19.2 million for the Donald J. Trump Foundation is sure to take place. More information will be released as more pleadings are filed by Barbara Underwood and the New York attorney general's office.
The lawsuit could expose a series of misusage of charitable funds by Donald Trump. If the trail continues to lead back to Donald Trump's businesses it could prove to be costly for the president.

Barbara Underwood's case against President Donald Trump could also result in criminal charges. Those charges, however, are unlikely to affect Donald Trump himself.