‘Shameless’ Season 9 Trailer & Release Date Revealed

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While it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago since Season 8 of the Showtime hit series Shameless came to a close, Season 9 is officially on the horizon. According to a recent upload to Showtime’s official Shameless Youtube page, the official release date for the premiere of Season 9 is September 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The network also offered a two minute and two second Season 9 trailer teaser titled “To Our Fans” to announce the official release date of Season 9. Unfortunately for Shameless fans, “teaser” is the keyword as the video is nothing more than two minutes of nostalgia looking back on some memorable clips from past seasons of the show.

In the comments section of the video, fans of Shameless have already begun the “Bring Mickey Back” campaign. Mickey Milkovich, played by Noel Fisher, quickly became a fan favorite on the cast of Shameless. Mickey was a character that grew on most people starting out as someone fans disliked because he picked on Ian – another fan favorite. Feelings for Noel’s character changed when he and Ian Gallagher (played by Cameron Monaghan) quickly became one of the favorite couples in the series.

As fans of Shameless recall, Noel’s character returned for a brief appearance in Season 7 in Shameless to give Mickey Milkovich and the Gallavich couple the goodbye they deserved. Despite saying goodbye to Mickey in Season 7, fans spent the better part of Season 8 begging Showtime to bring the character back.

Cast members in the Showtime television series Shameless pose together
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According to TV Guide, Noel revealed during an interview that Mexico did not have to be the end for his character and teased that Mickey could someday return to the Shameless cast. Noel noted that if Mickey could escape from prison, there’s no reason why he couldn’t also escape from Mexico.

Some fans in the comments section of the video noted that it was perfectly timed that the teaser trailer featured a clip of Mickey and Ian locking lips during the emotional goodbye in Season 7 while the voice-over of the trailer talked about knowing what Shameless fans do and don’t want. Could that be the network’s way of dropping a hint that Noel could return or were they just toying with fans’ love for the Gallavich couple?


Unfortunately, all fans really know about Season 9 of Shameless right now is that it is coming, and it does have an official release date for the premiere. Showtime has yet to release an official trailer or any information regarding the Season 9 cast.