Alan Thicke's Estate Finally Settled Among Warring Family Members

Cheryl A. Hoahing

After actor Alan Thicke suddenly passed away in December 2016, his three sons and widow almost immediately began fighting over his estate. Seventeen months later, it looks like they have finally come to an agreement.

When he died, the beloved Growing Pains dad had been married to his third wife, model Tanya Callau, for 11 years. The 42-year-old — who starred in a reality TV series, Unusually Thicke, with her husband and his son Carter that aired on the Pop network — is set to receive 40 percent of Alan's estate, which is valued at $15,793,278, according to new documents obtained by The Blast. She will also get to keep a ranch in Carpinteria, California.

Alan's three children — 43-year-old Brennan, 41-year-old Robin (the "Blurred Lines" singer), and 20-year-old Carter — will reportedly each receive 20 percent of the estate. Additionally, Robin will be cleared and "forgiven" for a $100,000 loan his father once gave to him.

All is not copacetic though.

Robin, who along with Brennan is a co-trustee of his father's estate, claimed Tanya "initiated a media blitz serving no purpose but to besmirch the co-trustees and feed her insatiable desire for publicity regardless of the consequences to Alan's legacy or his children," according to The Blast.

"America's dad would be ashamed of his own sons who disgrace their father's legacy out of greed and resentment against the woman whose only crime was loving her husband with everything she had," Adam Streisand, Callau's attorney, reportedly told Page Six in May.

"Alan's sons threatened Tanya, falsely claiming that she had no legal right to arrange the burial site monument for Alan, which reads, 'Proud Canadian, Adored by his wife, loved by his sons, family and friends. Forever missed,'" stated court documents filed by Tanya in May, according to Radar Online.

She also claimed the Thickes refused to reimburse her for the monument's cost, but Robin was reimbursed $105,000 for a memorial party he threw the night before the burial.