Netflix And Telltale Games Team Up To Bring The 'Minecraft: Story Mode' Game To The Streaming Service

Rachel Tsoumbakos

Telltale Games and Netflix have teamed up to bring basic gaming services to Netflix. However, there has been some confusion as to what this actually entails. So, here's a breakdown.

Netflix and Telltale Games will definitely team up together. This has been confirmed by Tech Radar. As a result of this new deal, Telltale Games will bring simple gaming services to Netflix's streaming service.

Part of this deal will include an adapted version of Minecraft: Story Mode, a previously released game from Telltale Games. Just like the original Telltale game, Minecraft: Story Mode will be a five-part episodic game. This new version of the game will be available to stream on Netflix later in the year.

However, some confusion has arisen as to how this game will be offered. Initially, Tech Radar assumed that Minecraft: Story Mode would "be delivered via video files and will accept commands via any remote equipped with directional and select buttons." However, Telltale Games have since clarified that the gameplay in Minecraft: Story Mode would be more akin to games such as Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile which allows viewers to decide how the story unfolds. It also seems like this new deal with Telltale Games will include games that are similar in style to those choose-your-own-experience stories already available on Netflix.

Along with the announcement of the Telltale and Netflix deal, it was stated there would be a Stranger Things game in the pipelines as well. Initially, it was assumed this new game would be a part of the Netflix and Telltale Games deal. However, Telltale has since confirmed via Tech Radar that this isn't currently the case.

There is certainly a game in the pipelines for Telltale Games that is based on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. However, this game is currently only in development with Telltale Games and will follow the similar format of their previously released games based on television series which include The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

This does not mean there will never be a Stranger Things game version available for Netflix, though, only that it isn't currently in development. And, as a Netflix representative pointed out in Variety's coverage of the Netflix and Telltale Games deal, Netflix will promote the Telltale Stranger Things game as part of their "marketing and title promotion efforts."

Variety also noted that this new deal between Netflix and Telltale Games may account for the spike in Netflix's stock prices after Netflix stocks were recorded as being at an all-time high on Wednesday.