Michael Dominguez Weight-Loss Pictures: Appearance On ‘My 600-LB Life’ Leads To 350-LB Transformation

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Fans of My 600-LB Life may remember Michael Dominguez as desperately needing a life change, and now will get to see him as a totally new man.

The Arizona native was featured on the last season of the TLC docu-series, tipping the scales at more than 630 pounds. He was traveling to Houston for what he hoped would be a life-saving weight-loss surgery, and it turned out to be an anguishing journey. But, as InTouch Weekly noted, it appears to have paid off.

When Michael is featured on this week’s “Where Are They Now?” episode of My 600-LB Life, he has lost close to 350 pounds and found a new outlook on life.

Michael had to overcome a lifetime of trauma and bad habits in order to lose his weight. He developed dangerous eating habits as an adolescent, with his father going to prison when Michael was 10 and leaving the boy to turn to food as a way to cope.

Now, there are new difficulties for Michael’s wife, Roni, who has weight-related struggles of her own. As Monsters and Critics noted, fans of the show saw Roni suffer an emotional breakdown as she helped her husband through his journey.

“But Michael does not realize the home he rented is in such bad shape. It makes his wife Roni break down emotionally as she takes their two children, D.J. and Briana, back to their SUV vehicle immediately,” the report noted. “Michael’s wife Roni turns tail and practically runs from the house in Houston.”

It was clear to many that Roni would be a key part of whether Michael succeeded in his weight-loss journey. TVRuckus noted that Roni needed to change her own broken eating habits if she wanted to find success along with her husband, and it wasn’t clear if she was ready to do that.

Monsters and Critics noted that Roni has lost a significant amount of weight as well, confronting her own difficult childhood. Roni shared that she was raised by grandparents in a home that often had no food, leaving Roni to go to friends’ houses just so she could eat. The food insecurity led to dangerous eating habits as Roni got older, contributing to her own weight gain. Through the help of a therapist, Roni acknowledged her childhood and found ways to overcome.

For those who would like to see more of his transformation, Michael Dominguez has shared photos of his weight loss after My 600-LB Life on Facebook.