‘Celebrity Insider’ Says That Thomas Ravenel Paid A Woman To Play His Girlfriend On ‘Southern Charm’

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The tea spilling from Southern Charm has been leaking out at a rapid rate, and much of it would explain a few of the inconsistencies from the current season. Celebrity Insider is saying that they know the cause behind the huge fight that was seen in flashback at Patricia Altschul’s winter ball, and it all centered around the rumor that Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend is a professional escort, and she was hired by Ravenel to take part in Season 5 of the hit Bravo show, perhaps to irk ex Kathryn Dennis.

They say that Ravenel was introduced to his girlfriend by former Southern Charm cast member Landon Clements and that it isn’t true that they just spotted each other across a bar, and she didn’t know who he was. Celebrity Insider says that Landon met Ravenel’s girlfriend through mutual work.

Thomas Ravenel then made his now-girlfriend an offer that she could come to Charleston and be his girlfriend on the show for the season. They claim that this explains why Ravenel seems indifferent to her through most of the season.

“This helps explain why Ravenel has been so indifferent towards Jacobs all season and why she’s been so keen to be in front of the cameras.”

Photos of Ravenel’s girlfriend on private jets are all over her Instagram. Celebrity Insider said that once Ravenel secured his girlfriend a position albeit for no pay on Southern Charm, she began annoying him and he tried to bow out of the relationship, but she wouldn’t allow him to end it.

“Instead, she allegedly threatened to reveal the true nature of their relationship, which is one reason why Ravenel was so despondent all season long. This story also backs up earlier reports that said Ravenel dumped Jacobs to see Luzanne Otte but then got back with Jacobs at a later date.”

Several sources close to the show insist that Thomas Ravenel has been trying actively to get out of the relationship since the winter holidays, yet his girlfriend even today says they are going strong. But since the Charleston Police have started investigating the rape charges against Ravenel, he seems to be keeping his distance from her.

Now, it has been a month since Ravenel appeared in any of his girlfriend’s Instagram stories or posts, and she has not appeared in his. In fact, Ravenel’s Instagram now only features ex Kathryn Dennis and their two children.

Now, despite the fact that Ravenel wasn’t invited to the show reunion, his girlfriend went in his stead allegedly to defend him.