‘The Flash’ Standalone Movie Will Have A ‘Back To The Future’ Feel About It

Warner Bros.

After not achieving nearly the level of box office success that they were hoping for with Justice League, Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe are making some changes. Ben Affleck is allegedly out as Batman as reported by Inquisitr, and The Joker is getting his own movie, but there’s much more coming. DC Entertainment has now revealed that the standalone movie for The Flash is going to have a different feel and will be inspired by Back to the Future.

The Flash has had numerous delays and even some changes to who would be helming the movie, but The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed that production will begin in early 2019. This is long overdue and something that has been in the works for more than three years, but it is finally moving forward.

Original ideas for The Flash had it going after some “somber themes” that were going to tell a darker story for Barry Allen. It now appears as if Warner Bros. is moving away from that whole idea as Game Night filmmakers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly have come on board to work on it.

With those two at the helm, it is being said that DC is looking at Back to the Future as a “touchstone” for The Flash.

the flash dceu warner bros back to the future feel ezra miller
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There is nothing else known about the direction or storyline of The Flash, but this is a very interesting turn for the movie. ComicBook.com pointed out a cool fact and it was that Warner Bros. did attempt to secure Robert Zemeckis as the director on a number of occasions and what did Zemeckis direct…Back to the Future.

With the dark tones of Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League, it is obvious that Warner Bros. is looking to go in an entirely new direction. Sure, Back to the Future has some sinister plot points but it isn’t exactly dark and somber.

After learning all of this, ScreenRant believes that the DC Comics’ story of “Flashpoint” may no longer be the plot of the movie. In that story, Barry Allen travels back in time to stop his mother from being murdered, but the Back to the Future comparison actually puts it more on that path.

While “Flashpoint” is a darker story, the new filmmakers may look to try and lighten it up some.

the flash dceu warner bros back to the future feel ezra miller
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It’s kind of difficult to figure out just where the standalone movie for The Flash is going, but it’s good to know that Warner Bros. actually has a direction. With the problems that the DCEU has experienced in recent years, some changes needed to be made and that is what’s happening behind the scenes and on the screen. If done right, it’s really hard to screw up something that is inspired by a film as great as Back to the Future.