‘Little Couple’ Updates: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Zoey, & Will Doing Well In Florida, Show May Return This Fall

Kathy HutchinsShutterstock

No matter how long a hiatus TLC’s The Little Couple goes, fans clamor for updates on the family and make it clear they want them back on television. Luckily, Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold do share a lot of updates about their family life with Will and Zoey via their social media pages, and it looks like they’re all doing well. Based on one recent tweet from Jen, it looks like this current hiatus on new episodes might soon be coming to an end at last.

As Little Couple fans know, Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and the kids relocated to Florida last summer so she could take on her dream job. Will and Zoey get to play at the beach a lot, and it looks like Florida suits the family nicely. Unfortunately, it seems that Jen and Bill’s old Houston home remains on the market.

Chron notes that the Little Couple family’s Houston home was originally put on the market with a price tag of $1.225 million. The price has been lowered more than once, and it appears it remains listed for sale, now with an asking price of $949,000.

Back in Florida, the Little Couple family is doing great. Bill and Zoey went to their first father-daughter dance during the spring and Zoey has become quite the artist and performer.

Bill and Jen recently took a wonderful trip to Amsterdam and shared some photos on Instagram along the way. In addition, Will and Zoey have been playing in the pool, at the beach, and at local kids-oriented local attractions to stay busy outside of school.

Of course, the big question is, when will Little Couple return to TLC with new episodes? A legal battle involving the network and the production company played a significant role in how much time the family has been off of television screens over the past couple of years. Even though some key pieces of the fight were resolved over the winter, new episodes still have not restarted again.

Luckily, Arnold recently replied to one follower’s tweet asking about a Little Couple return and her reply is great news for fans. The show is going to be returning to TLC from the sounds of things, and Jen said that they were hearing it’d probably be back in the fall.

Granted, fans would prefer to hear that there’s a concrete premiere date for the new season in place. For now, though, this tease from Dr. Jennifer Arnold will have to do. Stay tuned for additional details on TLC’s Little Couple return as well as the fresh scoop as it emerges detailing what Jen, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey have been up to in Florida.