John Mayer Sucks, Makes Money Off Fans

There was an article published about John Mayer that starts off “It’s hard not to hate John Mayer.” I would like to second that.

John Mayer isn’t winning any brownie points with us, especially now that he’s charging his fans to take pictures of him. Wow, a new low! He must be proud, because many of us were sure that he couldn’t get any worse.

John was spotted in Hollywood on Tuesday shopping at a camera store when his (unlucky) fan approached: “I just charged her $10 for a shot,” Mayer said to the shop attendant after the woman paid him for his pic. “I know my value. I know what I’m worth.”

Why doesn’t he just sell out to People or OK! and be done with it? At least he could get some real money. Now this guy really is a douchebag.