Barbra Streisand Gives A Thumbs-Up To Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

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Barbra Streisand is giving a good review to Bradley Cooper ‘s remake of one of her most memorable classic films. Streisand’s Oscar-winning film, A Star Is Born, is being remade with Lady Gaga and Cooper in the roles that she and Kris Kristofferson played in 1976. Barbra has nothing but good things to say about the third remake of the film about star-crossed lovers whose careers collide.

“What I saw of it was very good,” Streisand said in an Associated Press interview posted by Page Six. “It’s just it feels reminiscent of mine, but they added some new things which I liked, too. … I’m sure it’ll work. The story works. It worked in 1937. It worked in 1954, it worked in 1976 and it’s going to work in 2018. … It’s Romeo and Juliet — everyone knows the ending, but they like watching how we get there.”

In the remake, Bradley Cooper plays fading country crooner, Jackson Maine, who takes struggling singer Ally (Lady Gaga) under his wing after watching her perform at a bar. Barbra Streisand also weighed in on Bradley Cooper’s skills as a director in the Star is Born remake.

“I saw parts of it and I thought it was very good,” Barbra told Deadline. “Bradley is a really good director, and he got a good performance out of Lady Gaga. I think it’s a story that works. It’s interesting to see my version, it’s interesting to see Judy Garland’s version, you know even to go back to 1937 (Janet Gaynor’s version), the story works every time.”


The original 1937 A Star is Born film starred Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, while Judy Garland and James Mason headlined a 1954 remake. In 1976, Barbra Streisand served as an executive producer for the third A Star Is Born movie and had final say on the cut, a rarity for a film’s star.

Barbra Streisand’s 1976 version of A Star is Born is also headed to Netflix in a special restored version that will include previously unseen footage. The re-edit will include a previously unaired scene of Streisand playing the guitar in an acoustic version of the movie’s theme song, “Evergreen,” for Kristofferson’s character for the first time. Streisand cut the scene at the last-minute in the 1976 film to streamline the plot. The actress-singer told Deadline that looking back, she can’t believe that she cut herself out of that important scene because she was just looking at the pace of the film.

“I didn’t realize what I was cutting out until much later,” Streisand admitted.

“Evergreen” went on to win an Academy Award, Grammy Award, and a Golden Globe.

You can see Barbra Streisand performing her hit song “Evergreen” from A Star is Born below.

A Star Is Born will hit theaters on October 5.