NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

1. New Orleans Saints- talk about a playoff feel, Monday night versus the Patriots, Awesome

2. Indianapolis Colts- A couple of ugly wins, but they are still wins

3. New England Patriots- Can anyone stop Wes Welker?

4. Minnesota Vikings- Brett Favre for MVP, sure why not

5. San Diego Chargers- Finally they are clicking in all part of the game

6. Arizona Cardinals- Tim Hightower gives them a running dimension not present last season

7. Cincinnati Bengals- Had a bad game in week 11, but the Steelers and the Ravens both lost as well

8. Philadelphia Eagles- LeSean McCoy is playing well in the absence of Brian Westbrook

9. Dallas Cowboys- Romo has a sore back, and they must beat the Raiders on Turkey Day

10. Pittsburgh Steelers- They must fix their kick off coverage

11. New York Giants- The big question mark here is defense

12. Green Bay Packers- the loss of Harris and Kampman hurt, and they must not have a hiccup at Detroit on Turkey Day

13. Denver Broncos- Can they regroup after the implosion

14. Jacksonville Jaguars- Not the prettiest team, but building momentum

15. Baltimore Ravens- They now must run the table to make the playoffs

16. Atlanta Falcons- Suffering from shaky play in the secondary

17. Miami Dolphins- Ricky Williams gets the chance to prove he is the man

18. Houston Texans- after losing to the Titans, they are in a must win against the Colts

19. Tennessee Titans- Riding a four game winning streak

20. New York Jets- Sanchez’s turnovers are too much for this team to overcome

21. Carolina Panthers- they are 0-5 when Delhomme attempts more than 30 passes

22. San Francisco 49ers- Four game road losing streak proves he is not ready to play with the elite

23. Chicago Bears- While Jay Cutler has been a disappointment, but so is the running game and the defense

24. Oakland Raiders- Gradkowski gives this team a better chance to win than Russell

25. Kansas City Chiefs- Chris Chambers has been a great pick up

26. Washington Redskins- Injuries make the offense that much worse

27. Seattle Seahawks- It looks like this is a team needing a complete rebuild

28. Buffalo Bills- They got their coach fired, but problems remain

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- competing for the number one draft pick

30. St. Louis Rams- They have lost 10 straight at home, are they going back to LA?

31. Detroit Lions- They could not beat the Browns in 60 minutes of football

32. Cleveland Browns- What a mess, what else is there to say?