Prince George’s Royal Shushing Is Actually A Buckingham Palace Repeat

Star Max 2AP Images

Last weekend Savanah Phillips, the Queen’s great-granddaughter, made headlines for shushing Prince George on the balcony at Buckingham Palace during Queen Elizabeth II’s Trooping The Colour celebration. The incident isn’t the first time one tiny royal shushed another, though.

Nearly 30 years ago, when Prince Harry was just five years old, he actually shushed his cousin, Princess Beatrice. It seems the shushing gene might run in the royal family, or perhaps it has something to do with the way they’re raised.

Earlier today, People posted an adorable comparison on its Instagram account showing side-by-side pictures. In the picture featuring a young Prince Harry, Princess Diana stands in the background observing the situation looking like she was about to intervene before things got out of control. Harry’s late mother wore a beautiful light green and cream colored outfit with a matching hat and gold earrings. In the 2018 side of the image, a somber Prince William dressed in his military dress uniform stands behind Savannah Phillips, 7 and Prince George, 4. At the moment it was taken, he’s not on the verge of intervening.

According to a Huffington Post report, the royal cousins ended up stealing the show along with Prince Harry’s sister Princess Charlotte. Before the young Phillips shushed her cousin, the future King of England, she pretended to conduct the music to “God Save the Queen.” However, she took a break from her own shenanigans to shush Prince George.

Through it all, Queen Elizabeth II continued watching the flypast and did not appear amused by the youngsters’ behavior. However, the people adored the moment, and now seeing the comparison between Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice nearly three decades earlier makes it all the more precious.

At the same event, Inquisitr reported that Kate Middleton’s super quick reflexes helped save the day when Princess Charlotte, 3, fell after getting a little overly excited during the flypast. The Duchess of Cambridge quickly scooped up her daughter after the falling incident left her shaken and crying. Kate soothed Charlotte, and eventually, the little girl was able to stand on her own again, and she even clapped and practiced her royal wave as the afternoon moved on.

Overall, it just goes to show that royal or not, in most cases, kids will be kids. As long as they have limits and supervision, which the royal children appear to have, their little outbursts can be adorable little moments of real life that can eventually be looked back upon and laughed at… even if it takes 30 years.