Charlie Sheen Accuser Says She Was Coerced Into Signing NDA After He Exposed Her To HIV

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Charlie Sheen is being sued by a woman who has accused him of exposing her to HIV. This is complicated by the fact that she signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which she says she was coerced to sign by Sheen’s “goons.”

TMZ says that the woman claims that she had no idea that Sheen was HIV positive before they had sex, but Sheen disagrees, saying that he disclosed his illness in advance of their unprotected sex. In the court documents, the woman is using the pseudonym “Jane Doe” to maintain some level of privacy.

Jane Doe says that her doctor suggested that she find out what medication Sheen was taking for his HIV status, but when she asked him, he wouldn’t disclose his prescription regimen until she signed the NDA. Doe says at Sheen’s house she encountered men she described as thugs who took her to his garage and told her to sign the agreement.

English is not Jane Doe’s first language (she’s Russian), and she said she didn’t fully understand what she was signing and that she was afraid for her safety.

Charlie Sheen insists that the woman was just out to extort him for money.

Charlie Sheen is well-known for presenting his partners with NDAs that he claims stop women from extorting him. Sheen called his former fiancee, Brett Rossi, an extortionist after she filed a lawsuit related to his HIV status also after signing one of his agreements. Rossi says that Sheen threatened her and forced her to have an abortion after not telling her he was HIV positive.

Rossi says that Sheen had an NDA for every agreement.


“Wow, Charlie Sheen went to the extreme to keep his secrets confidential. You won’t believe the intense non-disclosure agreement that all of his sexual partners had to sign.”

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Sheen’s legal team insists that Sheen’s girlfriend, boyfriends, or even people he hires for one night must sign one of their agreements. They claim that lawsuits against Sheen, particularly those before he disclosed his HIV status, were financially bleeding him dry, and so the agreements were necessary.

“Now, we know that (according to Sheen’s exes) the answer lies in a combination of deception, intimidation, and legally-binding promises of discretion. Former Sheen ‘goddesses’ Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson say they were never told about his diagnosis. Ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller were kept quiet through threats that Sheen would expose secrets about them or fight them for custody of their children.”

Privacy has become increasingly important to Sheen, who now makes everyone who visits his home surrender their cell phones.