‘General Hospital’ Recap: Chase’s Connection To Nelle Revealed, His Being In Port Charles Could Doom Her Plans

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

General Hospital fans have been anxious for someone to knock Nelle Benson down a peg, but she’s been riding high as she got just what she wanted out of Carly Corinthos’ trial. Viewers were left with a tantalizing teaser at the end of Monday’s show when Harrison Chase showed up at the courthouse and said hi to “Janelle,” and Tuesday’s show shared some juicy context to how the two know one another.

Viewers had been speculating that Chase may have been investigating the case back in Florida that involved the death of Nelle’s former fiance Zack, and that turned out to be true. However, it was quickly revealed that there was much more to the story and fans are buzzing over this development. As SheKnows Soaps details, not only was Chase investigating Zack’s death, but he also got romantically involved with Nelle in the process.

Unfortunately for Chase, during the height of all of this, he was reported for inappropriate behavior. He was fired and the case was tossed out, and he nearly lost his career as a result. Chase told Nelle that he had worked very hard to repair the damage that had been done and he noted that he was surprised that he hadn’t crossed paths with Nelle in Port Charles before this.

Nelle was definitely shaken by this encounter, and seemingly for good reason. Chase made it clear that he suspected she had played him all along to skate by on the potential murder charge, but she insisted that what they’d shared was real. He also snarked about how she’d managed to land herself in quite the cushy position in Port Charles and Nelle had tears in her eyes as she tried to recover from this shocker.

Later, Chase was shown at his apartment, looking at an old picture of him with “Janelle.” Spinelli and Michael have already been working together to prove Nelle was torturing Carly and Jason has been determined to prove what really happened too. Will Chase’s connection to Nelle be revealed and will he help the guys on their mission, or will Nelle smooth-talk her way into keeping him quiet?

General Hospital spoilers for the coming week indicate that Nelle will be preoccupied with her past. She thought she’d left the drama with Zack’s death in Florida, but her past is catching up to her and if Chase reveals what he knows, it very well could destroy everything Nelle has been building up over all these months. Soap Central notes, however, that he’s going to land in hot water in some way himself. Some wonder if it may turn out that he wants to keep his past with Nelle under wraps just as much as she does.

People have been complaining about Nelle’s storyline for months now, but this surprise connection to Chase may give it the zing it’s needed. General Hospital spoilers hint that additional twists and turns are on the way and viewers will be curious to see what the writers have concocted to come next.