Alicia Silverstone Regrets Letting Her Son Watch ‘Clueless’ After He Tried To Do This

Cindy OrdGetty Images for SiriusXM

When Alicia Silverstone decided to take her son to see her cult classic movie Clueless, she was hoping to get in some mother-son bonding time. What happened afterward, though, had her second-guessing her decision one whether letting him see the film was a good idea in the first place. As it was reported by E! on Monday, the 41-year-old sat down and had a chat on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where she revealed that perhaps she shouldn’t have taken him to see the 1995 film. The American Woman actress told Colbert that she was concerned about letting her 7-year-old son Bear Blue Jarecki see the film as he might be a bit too young to see the film, saying that it’s “not appropriate” for someone his age. Despite her concerns and reservations, though, Silverstone decided to take him anyway, telling Colbert, “I took him to see it because it’s at the L.A. cemetery, where they show it for 4,000 people…on a huge screen.” Silverstone joked about it saying that the whole thing was actually rather romantic to be “laying down with pillows and rosé.”

Unfortunately for Silverstone, her worst nightmare came true when she said that her son wound up emulating some of the more very adult behavior that he saw on screen.

“He loved it, but the one thing he took away from it, aside from all the things I was worried about, was he kept trying to French kiss me afterward.”

After revealing the awkward moment to the talk show host, Colbert followed up with the actress, wanting to know how she handled the situation.

“And you said, ‘That is not appropriate?'” Colbert asked.

“I just kept my mouth closed!” Silverstone said in her response. “That’s what I did. And I just giggled.”

After sensing Colbert’s discomfort on the subject, Silverstone said she thought nothing of it other than it being a sweet gesture adding, “I mean, like, it’s super sweet.”

“It is super sweet,” Colbert confirmed.

After a brief (and super awkward) pause, Silverstone asked the host, “Are you worried?”

“Nope,” Colbert said as the audience laughed.

“It’s fine. He’s not doing it anymore,” Silverstone confirmed. “But that’s what his takeaway was!”

Just two weeks ago, it was reported by Inquisitr, per Us Weekly, that Silverstone had filed for a divorce from her husband of 12 years, Chris Jarecki. The couple share one child together, a son named Bear Blue. Citing irreconcilable differences as the reason behind the split, according to TMZ, both Silverstone and Jarecki have requested joint physical and legal custody of their 7-year-old son. Of the split, it was reported that “They still deeply love and respect each other and remain very close friends but have mutually decided to separate after being together for 20 years. They have a son together who they will continue to co-parent.”