Kate Upton Goes Topless To Celebrate Her 26th Birthday

Supermodel Kate Upton isn't afraid to -- as the Brits say -- get her kit off for a good cause, and in this case, the good cause is her birthday.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate Upton gave her fans a little "birthday surprise" when she flashed her bare breasts for her 26th birthday.

The model, who was best known for her Sports Illustrated spreads showing off all her assets, took to her Instagram to post the video, in which she told her followers that she "put on her birthday suit" to thank her fans for all the birthday wishes.

Now, obviously, we can't show you the video here, but a quick trip to Kate's Instagram will show you all you need to see.

The Midwest native, who posed for a provocative cover photo -- that, actually, covered a lot more than her recent Instagram posting -- told the magazine that she "worked really hard" on both her body and on her mental frame of mind, and it's because of her dedicated regimen that she felt the top spot on the magazine's list was "a little reward for all the hard work."

She paired the cap with a set of oversized earrings. Say what you want about the girl, but at least she knows how to look good no matter what she does!

But Kate wasn't the only one who had a reason to celebrate her appearance in the magazine: other honorees included the Jenner sisters -- Kendall and Kylie -- and the Hadid sisters -- Bella and Gigi.

The issue, which officially launches on June 19, will celebrate its debut with a party on July 21 at the Hollywood Palladium. It's safe to assume that several of the women featured in the magazine -- including Kate Upton herself -- will be in attendance.

And for what it's worth, the Rubenesque model -- who wasn't always accepted for her body shape and size -- also looks at her cover story as a triumph. "I have to thank the people who [attacked] me," said Kate Upton of her early "haters."