Jimmy Fallon Treated To Christie Brinkley's Talented Lips, Salvador Perez Pours Gatorade Over Jimmy's Head

Jimmy Fallon and his guests never cease to amaze. Actress, model, and one-time Cover Girl, Christie Brinkley was on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and we learned something we never knew about the blond beauty. She has very talented lips!

After reminiscing about a New Year's Eve party Brinkley and Jimmy Fallon attended a number of years ago, Brinkley had Jimmy in stitches as she demonstrated what she could do by pretending to pull a string attached to her lips to make them move.

Time reports that she used to amuse her children this way.

"I could amuse my children for hours on end when they were little."
Christie Brinkley wowed Jimmy Fallon and his audience with more than the trick she could do with her lips. She also impressed everyone with her youthful looks, curvy figure, and great legs, which is all the more impressive considering she is 61-years-old! She and Jimmy talked about her new book Timeless Beauty and Celebrity Health & Fitness reports she revealed why she became vegan when she was a teenager.
"I made the decision [to become vegan at age 13] because I loved animals and didn't want to be a part of the slaughter industry, but I've been reaping the benefits of that karma ever since."
She most certainly has been reaping the benefits! This was very obvious as she strolled out on stage to join Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. With daily yoga and strength training, it's no surprise that she has the figure she currently enjoys.

Salvador Perez and Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals also joined Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night to talk about their win in the World Series. Jimmy brought up the Bret Saberhagen rap commercial from 1986, showing the original commercial and then having the "1986 Bret Saberhagen" in the house to congratulate the 2015 World Series winner. Saberhagen was on the Royals the last time they won the World Series in 1985.

Then the real Bret Saberhagen showed up and gave his 1986-self something to remember, something he has wanted to do for a long time – a punch in the gut! It was a hoot.

Seriously though, Jimmy Fallon had a great discussion with Perez and Hosmer about the team's first win in 30 years, all while comedian Aziz Ansari got to hold the Commissioner's Trophy. Jimmy showed a clip of Hosmer's great steal of home base. USA Today reports that Hosmer said he questioned what he was doing after he took the first couple of steps, but by that time, he was committed and followed it through.

"The first two steps, I was (thinking) 'this is a bad plan.' Shouldn't have done it. It's not going to work out."
Of course, it did work out and they won the series. Even Perez's pre-game ritual is a little strange, but clearly works. In their preshow interview with Jimmy Fallon, Perez said he uses Victoria's Secret perfume before every game.
"I use Victoria's Secret perfume before every game. It's my lucky perfume."
To which Hosmer replied that it works.
"You're the MVP, man. It works."
Perhaps the best fun of the night as when Perez gave Jimmy Fallon one last surprise. Perez nailed Jimmy with his famous Gatorade bath, much to Jimmy Fallon's complete surprise and horror.What better way to end The Tonight Show than to see Jimmy Fallon take one for the team! Thanks Jimmy for another great show with loads of good fun!

[Photos by Theo Wargo/NBC, Ben Gabbe / Getty Images]