‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Lets Her Guard Down With Finn, ‘Fanna’ About To Move Full-Steam Ahead

Chris PizzelloInvision / AP Images

Finn and Anna have been dancing around a romantic relationship for months now, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that things are about to take a gigantic leap forward. He has been right by her side since revealing he still had feelings for her, and teasers indicate that she’s finally ready to let down her guard with him. What can fans expect during Monday’s show and in the episodes ahead this week?

Anna revealed the truth to Robin about Peter being her son, and she was feeling emotional as she filled Finn in on the conversation. General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s show share that she will ask him if he wants to stay as he’s about to head back to his room, and she’ll sound a bit giddy as she asks. Could she be ready to set aside her worries about her children and let herself have some fun again?

Executive Producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Monday will be a big day for Anna and Finn. He said that “Fanna” fans won’t want to miss this one, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this moment could lead to the two getting intimate with one another.

Will Finn and Anna head back to Port Charles as a full-fledged couple? SheKnows Soaps confirms that the two will make love as their summer storyline heats up, but viewers worry that they could be facing another curveball soon. For a while, it looked like Alexis could be the spoiler for this pair, but that was put to rest when she overheard his confession about his lingering feelings.

However, there’s still Hayden out there somewhere carrying a baby of Finn’s, and viewers figure that it’s about time for that baby to be born and shake things up. He thought that she lost the baby before heading out of town, but fans hated her departure and would love to see Rebecca Budig brought back to shake things up. The show previously said they had no plans to do that, but the timing would certainly fit well if the writers want to cause more trouble for Anna and Finn.

Some viewers love the idea of Anna with Finn while others have no interest in a Fanna pairing. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the writers are moving forward with this relationship, at least for now, but these are two characters with a lot of baggage so things could get chaotic as they try to find their way as a couple. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as this storyline progresses to see what’s coming next for them.