‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’: Are Vicki Gunvalson And Boyfriend Steve Lodge Still Together? She Confirms

Charles SykesBravo

Vicki Gunvalson and the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County are expected to return to Bravo TV in the coming weeks for Season 13 and as they get ready for the new season, Gunvalson is making it clear that her relationship with Steve Lodge is going strong.

On Sunday, June 10, both Gunvalson and Lodge shared a video taken of Lodge and Gunvalson’s Orange County home on Instagram in which he was seen taking care of the shrubbery at the mansion. In the caption, the longtime reality star applauded her boyfriend for his hard work.

“Thanks Steve for always doing whatever it takes to keep up on all the household chores. I love you my sexy man!” she wrote.

On Lodge’s page, he posted the same video and said that he was doing his part.

“It takes a team to maintain Vicki’s jungle back yard. The green barrels are full every week,” he revealed.

Gunvalson and Lodge began dating in early 2016 after Gunvalson’s highly controversial relationship with Brooks Ayers came to an end. As fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County will recall, Gunvalson and Ayers dated for four years before calling it quits after he was accused of faking a cancer diagnosis to gain sympathy from viewers.

Throughout Vicki Gunvalson’s past relationship with Brooks Ayers, her daughter, Briana Culberson, was vocal about her dislike towards him. Luckily, as was revealed in 2016, Culberson is a fan of her mom’s current boyfriend, Steve Lodge.

Years ago, after Gunvalson first confirmed she and Lodge were dating, the reality star spoke to Bravo’s The Daily Dish about her new romance and revealed that her daughter truly liked Lodge.

“She gives me two thumbs up. I’m an Aries, and he’s a Leo, and so she did this thing when we were together one night, having wine on the couch. And she goes, ‘Let me Gooogle Leo and Aries.’ And she comes back and goes, ‘Yes, yes, yes! Two thumbs up, Mom!’ So she was all in approval,” Gunvalson gushed. “She really likes him, and it’s really neat to have a family relationship, so I like it.”

Gunvalson went on to say that while she would love to get married again one day, she and Lodge were in no rush to tie the knot. She also added that the man she would ultimately marry would have to be someone who her family and her co-stars approved of because she would never want to have to go through what she went through with Ayers again.

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