Instagram-Famous Comedian Lil’Duval Roasts Beyoncé And Jay-Z In Bed, Claims They’re ‘Stupid As F**k’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Instagram-famous comedian Lil’Duval has taken to his preferred platform of choice to share an opinion about Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, sharing intimate photos of themselves in bed.

VladTV is reporting that it didn’t take long after Beyoncé and Jay-Z kicked off their “On The Run II” tour for Lil’Duval to start an Instagram beef for the benefit of his followers. He tagged the two music moguls in his post before saying that they looked “stupid as f**k,” then asked Jay-Z how he “let the photographer talk him into this.”

Almost immediately, fans of the hip-hop power couple jumped onto Lil’Duval’s comments, warning him that the “Bey Hive” — the name for Beyoncé’s more devout fans — was coming for him (and they certainly delivered). They also told him that no one asked him for his opinion on things (because, really, they didn’t) and he should keep his stupid opinions to himself.

Ultimately, according to the outlet, Lil’Duval seemed to have a problem with not being able to “unsee” Jay-Z’s “dad bod,” rather than seeing Queen Bey in her skivvies.

The power couple didn’t have anything to worry about from Lil’Duval, though, as according to The Root, the “On The Run II” is proving to be successful beyond their wildest dreams.

It bears stating that the “intimate photos” were specifically taken for the “On The Run II” tour book, which also was featured in the slideshow sharing the couple’s best moments together.

The more eagle-eyed fans noted that Beyoncé and Jay-Z looked to have renewed their wedding vows, which was an achievement in and of itself, especially given how open Jay-Z was about his infidelity in the past.

The dress designer, Galia Lahav, also confirmed that she designed the “Dangerously in Love” singer’s dress for her “vow renewal ceremony.” She posted a picture of what the sample looks like below.

Even though she used the Israeli designer for her vow renewal dress, more information was shared about the purple cloak that she wore on the debut stop on the tour, which took place in Glasgow, Scotland. Designer Ben Dundas — who had designed the singer’s 2017 Grammy Awards outfit, which she wore while she was pregnant to twins Rumi and Sir — was the man behind the purple cloak that she paired with a metallic beaded brocade minidress.

For those who are looking to check out Beyoncé and Jay-Z as they continue to go “on the run,” the couple will be continuing their tour throughout the summer.