Whitney Cummings Still Reeling Over ‘Roseanne’ Cancellation Fallout

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Even though she left Roseanne before it was canceled, former showrunner Whitney Cummings revealed to TMZ.com that she was still having a hard time with everything that happened, and she feels bad for the cast and crew who lost their jobs. Because of that, she understands ABC’s efforts to try to revamp the show, though the spinoff may have a tough hurdle to climb since Roseanne Barr’s ownership of the original could cause a problem, as reported previously by Inquisitr.

TMZ asked Cummings if she saw the writing on the wall since she quit the show months ago, and it was hard for the comedian to find the right words.

“It’s a real shame for all, everyone, all the cast and crew. We’re so proud of the work that we did.”

When asked if it was possible for the show to even go on without its star, Cummings shared, “You know, I think that everyone is just so desperate to preserve the legacy of a show that touched so many people and with such incredible actors on the show that… made time to come back and so many writers. Everyone’s just trying to stop the bleeding and preserve all the damage that’s been done, but my heart’s broken about it so I don’t really have words at the moment but maybe they can salvage the legacy in some way.”

Of course, Cummings was not up for salvaging it if it meant money in Barr’s pocket. She also wasn’t interested in returning, considering all that happened before, because she’s ready to move on with her own stand-up act as well as possible show ideas for herself. Right now, she just wants to heal from the whole experience she went through behind the scenes and admitted she was just as horrified as everyone else by what happened with Barr.

When TMZ asked how she would kill off the title character, Cummings didn’t want to spend time even thinking about her because she was “too pi**ed off.” She certainly wasn’t the only member of the show to feel that way. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actress Emma Kenney, who played Harris Conner-Healy, revealed that she had called her manager to quit the show upon reading Barr’s tweets while Michael Fishman, who played DJ, condemned her comments as well. Barr reacted so poorly to what she saw as a betrayal that she planned to expose them by releasing emails where they allegedly agreed to weather the storm with her.