Pics: Amorous clock tower couple in Sydney intrigues everyone

An adventurous couple who got it on, naked, at the top of a Sydney clock tower are now internationally famous following widespread circulation of cell phone photos and videos of the brazen act.

The unidentified pair engaged in a risky tryst at around 3:30 pm local time atop the tower, drawing a crowd of giggling on-lookers. Witnesses say the couple was aware they were being watched, but it didn’t put them off shagging in broad daylight. The iconic building houses student accommodation, but management at UniLodge insists the tower is inaccessible to residents:

Ravi Krishna, assistant manager of UniLodge, said: “To be honest, I’m very surprised by these pictures.

“Students can access the rooftop with a swipe card but it’s impossible to get to the tower.

“Maintenance staff only ever go there if there is a problem with the clock and that hasn’t happened for a few months.

“I guess they’re students and they probably can find a way to do things as they finished exams on Friday and had a party to celebrate but we certainly haven’t heard anything about it.”

News outlets around the world are appealing to the now-famous pair to come forward, but so far the clock tower couple are keeping quiet.