June 10, 2018
Kim Kardashian's Bikini Weight Loss Diet Includes Cheat Meals Every 10 Days

Kim Kardashian has made a concerted effort to overhaul her diet following her 70-pound weight loss after her two pregnancies, but said she still enjoys cheat meals every 10 days so she doesn't feel deprived.

"A cheat meal allows me to enjoy food without feeling like I'm overindulging," Kardashian revealed in a post published on her app, as reported by E! News. "My trainer, Mel, instructs that you should schedule a cheat meal about once every 10 days. This way you won't lose any of the progress you've made at the gym."

Kim said she has been really strict with her diet recently to tone up her bikini body. But the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star admitted that eating clean all the time can get boring, so she cheats every 10 days or so.

Bad Diet Wreaks Havoc On Hormones

However, the reality TV star said she doesn't cheat too often on her diet because consuming too much sugar or too many calories can throw off your body's hormones, according to her weight-loss coach.

"Your testosterone, which is a muscle-making and fat-loss hormone, can change if you're eating too many calories, which can make you gain weight," Kim explained. "You can still enjoy your favorite food, as long as you get back on track the next day. Cheat meals work best when you avoid alcohol, since they're empty calories filled with sugar."

Kardashian recently raised eyebrows after revealing that she ditched her low-carb Atkins diet after using it to lose 70 pounds following her two pregnancies, as the Inquisitr has reported.

The revelation came as a surprise because Kim helped fuel the popularity of the low-carb, high-fat ketogenic and Atkins diets. At one point, the brunette beauty was a paid rep for Atkins.

But Kardashian said she recently started incorporating healthy carbs back into her diet now that she's less focused on weight loss and more on maintaining her curvy bikini body.
Kim Kardashian has repeatedly insisted that her exaggerated hourglass figure is due to diet and exercise, but plastic surgery speculation has escalated in recent years. Critics point out that her breasts, hips, and glutes have gotten bigger while her waist has gotten smaller.

Plastic Surgery Rumors Mount

Typically, when a woman loses weight, her chest shrinks along with the rest of her body because the breasts are mostly fat tissue. In Kim's case, the suspiciously targeted weight loss she experienced after her pregnancies has caused many to speculate that she got butt implants and fat transfers to her hips.

Kardashian has repeatedly denied plastic-surgery rumors.