June 10, 2018
Beyonce Wears Thong As She Lounges In Bed With Shirtless Jay Z In Viral Photos

Beyonce is baring (almost) all in some very revealing pictures circulating online, showing the pop superstar lounging in bed with husband Jay Z while wearing only a thong.

The pictures of the couple in bed have gone viral around the internet, and the Mirror claims that they are from the couple's recent On The Run II tour. The picture appeared to be professionally taken, showing Beyonce laying on her stomach reading a newspaper while Jay Z puffed on a cigar.

The picture of Beyonce nearly nude was shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, and quickly made the rounds on social media. Many fans commented on how great Beyonce looked, while others wondered if the release of the photos was part of a bid for publicity as the much-anticipated tour kicks off.

The couple has been accused of drumming up drama to draw attention to their tours in the past. In the summer of 2014, Jay Z and Beyonce embarked on the first On The Run tour, which was marked by near-constant controversy and reports that the couple was splitting up.

The tour started just weeks after the now-infamous blow-up between Jay Z and Beyoncé's sister, Solange, following the Met Gala in New York. Reports indicated that Solange was furious at Jay Z for flirting with another woman, and in the coming weeks there were almost daily reports on Jay Z's infidelity and the couple's impending divorce. At the same time, there were stories claiming that Beyonce was pregnant again, which turned out not to be true for several more months.

As the tour ended, there were allegations that the couple had concocted the drama to draw more attention to the tour, and there may be evidence to support that idea. After the conclusion of their tour in the early fall, the couple jetted off to a trip to Italy where they renewed their wedding vows, People magazine reported.

And perhaps not coincidentally, Jay Z and Beyonce just renewed their wedding vows again. As People reported, the couple shared pictures of the ceremony with fans at the opening concert for the On The Run II tour, showing them posing with their twins with Beyonce wearing a designer white dress.

Neither Jay Z nor Beyonce have commented on the viral photos showing the two in bed, so it is not clear the purpose of the photos, or even if they are authentic.