NFL Rumors: Dez Bryant Mentioned As A Possible Replacement For Patriots' Julian Edelman, Per 'ESPN'

Ernest Shepard

Dez Bryant to the New England Patriots as a replacement for the suspended Julian Edelman is a possibility, according to ESPN. Nothing is imminent between Dez Bryant and the New England Patriots. However, the thought of Bryant catching passes from Tom Brady is tantalizing.

WXPI reported that Patriots star wide receiver Julian Edelman will have to serve a four-game suspension. Edelman's ban is slated to happen during the first four weeks of the NFL season. His absence, as untimely as it will be, leaves the Patriots thin at the position. According to the Boston Globe, Julian Edelman has since apologized and has vowed to appeal his ban.

The possibility of not having Julian Edelman means that the New England Patriots will need a wide receiver. Former Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant could fit the bill.

Dez Bryant, much like Julian Edelman, is a possession receiver. Edelman relies on his quickness, while Bryant has a wide catch radius. The combination of the two would give the Patriots a multitude of weapons on offense. Bryant also is a taller target.

The idea of Dez Bryant joining the New England Patriots was started after he was released by the Dallas Cowboys. The majority of Dez Bryant's potential landing spots have fizzled out over the course of the past few weeks.

Dez Bryant has been regarded as a selfish teammate by those who followed him on the Cowboys. Whether that tag is deserving remains to be seen. Bryant did openly complain about his lack of targets in the 2016 NFL season. That can be regarded in two ways — passion for the game or selfishness. It is up to Dez Bryant to ensure what he is perceived to be.

Most players who wind up on the New England Patriots have to fall in line or be released. Perhaps the playing for the Patriots would be a great thing for Dez Bryant's career.

The biggest knocks on Dez Bryant is his age and the perception of his unwillingness to be a good teammate.

Dez Bryant is 29-years-old with a lot of miles on him. He is probably best suited as a No. 2 or No. 3 receiver. The New England Patriots need a wide receiver in the wake of Julian Edelman's four-game suspension. Dez Bryant could be a fit.