‘Vanderpump Rules’ Beauty Lala Kent Is On A Strict No-Carb Bikini Diet

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Lala Kent, star of the Bravo reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, is on a strict no-alcohol, “no-carb” diet for 30 days as she tries to tighten up her already-sleek bikini body.

Lala made the announcement on Instagram while enjoying a juicy-looking burger. “This was the last time i could have carbs until 30 days is up,” Kent wrote in the caption. “Wish me luck, y’all.”

The 5-foot-7 blonde bombshell said she’s trying to get rid of her love handles and is focusing on overhauling her diet because “you can’t outwork a bad diet.”

Targeting Love Handles

“My problem area has been the love handle, upper-side area,” Kent revealed on Instagram. “So I’m giving up carbs for 30 days, then modifying my entire carb intake. I have also given up alcohol for many reasons, not just what it does to my body physically.”

Technically, it’s almost impossible to be on a no-carb diet since there are carbs in almost everything you eat, even low-starch vegetables and fruit. One strawberry, for example, has 0.5 grams of carb. An apple has 25 grams.

People on a ketogenic diet — which is a strict low-carb, high-fat diet — usually consume less than 20 grams of carbs a day. And that’s not easy to stick to, especially for 30 days straight.

In addition to a low-carb diet, Lala works out almost every day and frequently posts Instagram photos and videos of her gym sessions with her fitness trainer Jenna Willis.

Kent’s exercise routine typically focuses on weight lifting over cardio exercise. Whatever she’s doing seems to be working, since Lala has a sizzling bikini body.


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Kent previously revealed on Instagram that she suffers from anxiety and depression, and daily exercise helps her feel calmer and happier.

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“I know getting to the gym is hard. Try to get there for your mind, my loves,” Kent urged her Instagram followers.

Lala Kent has been candid about her plastic surgery enhancements. She said she suffered from botched breast implants thanks to an unnamed plastic surgeon in her home state of Utah. Fortunately, she later got them fixed in Los Angeles, which is a mecca for plastic surgery.

Kent also revealed that she started getting Botox at age 23 (she’s 28 now). Lala said she gets Botox injections under her eyes and on her forehead every four months and previously got Restylane to plump up her lips, Zwivel reported.

Kent also underwent a non-surgical procedure to broaden her jawline and make her lips fuller.

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