Bella Thorne Suffers Bikini Malfunction On Hawaiian Getaway

Charles Sykes/InvisionAP Images

Whoops! Things took an embarrassing turn during Bella Thorne’s Hawaiian vacation with her sister Dani and her boyfriend Mod Sun on Friday.

The 20-year-old actress was enjoying the Maui surf when she suffered an unfortunate bikini malfunction – caught on camera by lurking paparazzi.

Daily Mail reports Thorne embarrassingly rushed to readjust her bikini top after it slipped, revealing a little more than she bargained for. In the photos of the malfunction, Bella can be seen wearing a two-piece red bikini from her own clothing line.

Thorne accessorized her Filthy Fang red bikini with a collection of necklaces. She opted to pull her gorgeous damp locks back in a loose ponytail with a vibrant green scrunchie. In the several photos of Throne’s bikini malfunction, her facial expressions indicate she was caught off guard and highly embarrassed by the slip.

Once Bella was able to reposition and secure her bikini top back in place, pictures were snapped of her look-a-like sister Dani (who is five years older than Bella) joining her in the water. The two were pictured from behind with Bella holding her sister’s wrist while capturing a nice shot of the sister’s bikini bottoms.

The 20-year-old actress didn’t let the embarrassing bikini malfunction stop her from documenting the Hawaiian getaway with her boyfriend and sister on Instagram stories. In one photo, Bella was draped over a giant rock while showing off her flat tummy. Thorne also had her arms folded behind her head boldly flashing her armpit hair.

Bella wasn’t the only Throne sister to document her Hawaiian getaway on Instagram. Her sister Dani also took time to share a few pictures of herself flaunting her bikini body while enjoying a relaxing swing on a hammock. In both photos, Dani took a moment to express how much she loved hammocks.

In one photo, Dani was laying on her back showing off her flat tummy and her curvy assets in her adorable two-piece bikini on the hammock. A second photo was taken from underneath the hammock with Dani flipped over peaking through the hammock weaves as she smiled for the camera.

A few individuals did express concern for both Dani and Bella’s wellbeing as they questioned whether or not they were vacationing anywhere near the volcano eruptions.

Bella and her sister Dani appear to be having a spectacular time soaking up the Hawaiian sun and showing off their gorgeous bikini bodies. While the bikini malfunction was embarrassing, it didn’t appear to set Bella back too much.