FIFA World Cup 2018 Predictions From Achilles The Deaf Cat

Sonsedska YuliiaShutterstock

The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be starting soon and people are turning to Achilles the deaf cat to see which teams have a winning chance.

Achilles is a deaf cat who lives in the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, reported Live Mint. The blue-eyed fluffy white cat will have football fans’ attention as the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off. The feline is set to predict the winners of matches scheduled in Saint Petersburg.

As stated on the official website for the FIFA World Cup 2018, the teams set to play in Achilles’ home city are Morocco, Iran, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nigeria, and Argentina. For the furry feline, the games will start on June 15 with a match between Morocco and Iran. Then, on June 19, Russia and Egypt will play against each other. Next, Brazil and Costa Rica are set to face each other on the field on June 22. Finally, Achilles will predict the outcome of the match between Nigeria and Argentina scheduled on June 26.

Currently, Achilles is prepping for the big day. According to Euro News, the white cat is studying all the teams that are set to face each other in his hometown. During this time, the psychic cat studies charts, game schedules, and probably the teams’ past games while wearing a red football jersey. The morning of each match, Achilles will give his forecast using his breakfast. To predict the winner of each match, Achilles will be presented with two bowls containing food. Each bowl is decorated with a team’s flag. The bowl the white cat chooses to eat from represents the team Achilles thinks will win.

So far, Achilles has a good track record. In the 2014 World Cup, the psychic cat predicted three out of four matches correctly. The only match he made an error in was the one between Cameroon and Australia which resulted in a draw. Many people believe that Achilles is the perfect forecaster for the FIFA World Cup because he is deaf. His disability prevents him from any bias, stated the feline’s veterinarian, Anna Kondratyeva.

“He’s absolutely unbiased, he’s deaf to any comments from the fans so he probably feels with his heart and as special cat sense,” she said.

Achilles had a predecessor named Paul the Octopus. The pristine white cat will have to work a bit harder to fill Paul’s eight imaginary shoes. According to Sports Illustrated, Paul the Octopus has a perfect track record. All his predictions came true, even his forecast that Spain would beat the Netherlands in the final.