Dad Clutching Baby Rushes To Comfort Stage-Frightened Daughter At Ballet Recital, Joins In On Her Dance


A Hamilton, Bermuda, dad melted hearts recently when he jumped in to help his 2-year-old daughter when she suffered stage fright before a dance recital.

The Mirror reported that on May 29, Marc Daniels, a busy father-of-three, swooped in to be his daughter’s rock during a dress rehearsal at the In Motion School of Dance performance for a ballet number. Not only did he perform the entire routine with skill and grace, but also he held his baby daughter, Suri, in one arm while assisting his tutu wearing 2-year-old daughter, Bella.

Somebody caught the whole sweet moment on video and posted it for the entire world to see how the father went above and beyond to help out his little girl. On Facebook, Daniels’ wife, Kim, said he’s the “best daddy ever.”

When the routine began, a teacher held Bella’s hand and led the little girl and the rest of her classmates, who were dressed in beautiful costumes featuring wings, out onto the stage. However, the tiny ballerina began to cry uncontrollably, overwhelmed with stage fright. At one point, she even sat down on the stage.

But, the show must go on, and by the beginning of the second verse of the song “Fly To Your Heart” from the movie Tinkerbell, Daniels ran onto the stage holding his baby, stood beside his daughter, and began following the teacher’s movements in an effort to lead Bella in the dance.

At that point, members of the audience cheered and clapped the role model father on as a photographer came onto the stage for a closeup of the heartwarming performance. Daniels deftly pointed his toes, perfected pliés, and pirouetted with the best of them during the routine. He even skipped with the class of tiny dancers in the requisite circle choreography of the dance.

By the end of the routine, Bella performed all the moves like a little pro. She clearly had an excellent time on stage dancing with her dad and her younger sister, as well as her classmates. When the time came to exit the stage, the little dancer wasn’t even ready to go. In the end, she exited with the rest of the sweet ballerinas, and the video ended with plenty of heartfelt cheering from the audience.

Now, Daniels and his daughter have a special memory to look back on for the rest of their lives. It’s one she’ll likely never forget, even if she one day becomes a professional dancer. Her dad was her hero that day.