Drake Invited To Take Paternity Test On ‘Maury Povich Show’

Ryan EmberleyAP Images

Maury Povich is ready to help out rapper Drake on his daytime television show. Maury, who is known for the amount of paternity tests he gives on the show, says he’d be glad to help Drake figure out of he is the father of his alleged former flame’s child.

According to a June 8 report by Complex, rumors have been running wild that Drake is the father of adult film star Sophie Brussaux’s son. There is even speculation that Drake flew the boy out to his home for Christmas, and that he has been financially supporting Sophie since the baby was born. However, Drake had not confirmed or denied the speculation.

Maury Povich spoke to TMZ on Thursday, and he was excited about the possibility of having Drake on his television show, adding that the new season of the series is slated to start next month and that Drake could be a special celebrity guest. Of course, the cameraman had to explain the situation with Drake to Maury, but Povich seemed very genuine in offering his invitation to the show.

“I’m praying it happens, that would be great! Drake c’mon! New season starts next month, we’re ready,” Povich told the outlet, adding his famous line, “You ARE the father” to bring some extra flare and comedy to the interview.


Over the years, The Maury Povich Show has become synonymous for helping confirm the paternity of children whose mothers usually have no idea who the father of their child is. Some women have brought multiple possible baby daddies on the show in hopes of establishing paternity. In addition, the show has also provided some comic relief for fans who like to watch clips on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

While Drake’s appearance on the series is not expected in any way, Maury Povich has also extended invites to other celebrities in the past, most recently offering pregnant rapper Cardi B and her baby daddy Offset a paternity test after rumors began to swirl that one or both of them may have been unfaithful in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Drake’s paternity rumors reached an all-time high when rapper Pusha T dissed him in a tracked titled The Story Of Adidon. Pusha claims that Drake fathered Sophie Brussaux’s son, whose name is Adonis, and called the Hotline Bling singer a “deadbeat dad.”

Vibe reports that as of now, Drake has not responded to Pusha T’s diss track, the rumors that he is Adonis’ father or Maury Povich’s invitation for a paternity test.