Rudy Giuliani Stands By Stormy Daniels Comments: She’s A ‘Con Artist,’ Maintains Trump Never Slept With Her

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Rudy Giuliani has had plenty to say in defense of President Donald Trump in recent weeks, and the comments he made earlier this week about Stormy Daniels caused a firestorm of backlash. However, Giuliani is standing by what he said about the adult film actress and he even took things a step further in his recent comments.

Giuliani’s assertions that First Lady Melania Trump believed her husband in saying he was never with Daniels were disputed by Melania’s communications director, and Stormy’s lawyer Michael Avenatti blasted Rudy for his comments about Daniels. Despite all of that, Rudy talked with CNN on Thursday and said he stands by what he said about Stormy and that she has no credibility due to her work in the adult film industry.

Rudy, who has joined President Trump’s legal team this spring and has taken on a prominent role in defending him via media appearances, insists that any feminist who supports the adult film industry should “turn in your credentials.” CNN pushed Giuliani on whether his viewpoint might be a bit outdated, but he said he likes his view of how feminists think of the adult film industry better than the alternatives offered.

The media outlet questioned Giuliani further on the idea of credibility, and he said that Stormy is not credible and is a con artist. In addition to standing by his previous comments about Daniels, Rudy continued to insist that Daniels and Trump were never intimate with one another.

“If you’re involved in a sort of slimy business, (that) says something about you – says something about how far you’ll go to make money. Our real point about her is that she’s not just general un-credible, she’s un-credible from the point of view of wanting to get money. She’s a con artist.”

Stormy’s attorney Michael Avenatti blasted Giuliani after his initial comments about Daniels and he’s continued to tear into Trump’s lawyer via Twitter. Avenatti says that Giuliani is just making things up as he goes and he also “apologized” to the pig he compared to Rudy in his initial comments on these latest soundbites. In addition, Avenatti referred his Twitter followers to a New Yorker piece that dissects Giuliani’s comments on Daniels and how they ultimately reflect badly on him more so than on her.


So far, Daniels herself has seemingly ignored Giuliani’s comments from the looks of her Twitter page. She doesn’t typically hesitate to address criticisms toward her, and she often goes with sarcasm in handling these types of things. It seems that at least for the moment, she is content in letting Michael Avenatti take the lead on pushing back against Rudy Giuliani’s critiques.

How much of Giuliani’s rhetoric about President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Stormy Daniels is true and how much is a fabrication? It looks like there’s plenty more on the way with this situation and it’s fairly unlikely that Rudy Giuliani will back down anytime soon.