49ers Linebacker Reuben Foster Pleads No Contest To Gun Charge

The NFL linebacker entered his plea and will serve his sentence.

Reuben Foster of the 49ers
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The NFL linebacker entered his plea and will serve his sentence.

Reuben Foster, the linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, issued a no contest plea during his court session on Wednesday to a misdemeanor assault weapons charge. The charge originated with Foster’s arrest back in February, and resulted in his being sentenced to two years of probation and 240 hours of community service.

According to The Athletic’s Twitter account, Foster’s plea was turned into the court in his name by his attorney, and he will be paying $235 in fines related to the charge. The court’s sentencing includes a ban on him owning a firearm during his probationary period.

The 49ers’ general manager, John Lynch, made a brief statement about the “no contest” plea, noting only that the team hasn’t yet made a choice on Foster’s fate.

“The 49ers organization is aware of the recent developments in the legal proceedings involving Reuben Foster and that the matter has come to a conclusion,” Lynch remarked to NFL.com.

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Foster could still face a multi-game suspension, though league authorities haven’t yet come to a final decision on his case. The no contest plea officially marks the end of Foster’s legal troubles, and the linebacker will not be expected to attend future court hearings outside of his probation standards.

Foster was originally arrested back in February on a slew of charges that included felony domestic violence, making criminal threats, and a felonious weapons possession charge. According to Sports Illustrated, the issue originated with his girlfriend in Santa Clara County, California. Since his arrest, the domestic violence and criminal threat charges against him have been dropped, leaving him only to face the gun charge.

Foster had originally purchased a firearm legally in the state of Alabama, but his possession of the firearm in question was illegal in the state of California, where he was arrested. The gun charge is only the latest legal hurdle that Foster has encountered, as the linebacker was also arrested back in January on a marijuana charge.

Foster was arrested and charged with a second-degree possession of marijuana charge in Alabama in January, but that charge has since been dropped after he completed a first-time offender course. The 49ers and league officials could slap Foster with stringent penalties for his repeated violations, including a potential multi-game ban and fines. Currently, Foster is already back on the training field and practicing with his fellow 49ers.