‘The Young And The Restless’ Mishael Morgan Leaving In Shocking Move Nobody Saw Coming

Richard ShotwellAP Images

Yesterday, rumors surfaced that Mishael Morgan is leaving The Young and the Restless where she’s portrayed Hilary Curtis for the past five years. While some fans hoped those rumors were false, it turns out they’re confirmed.

According to a Daytime Confidential report, Mishael Morgan is out at Y&R. Earlier Inquisitr reported that the shocking move comes as a result of failed contract negotiations. While there are no details about what went wrong available, it’s apparent that whatever led to the disagreement could not be worked out.

This stunning news could not come at a worse time for the Genoa City gossip queen because onscreen, Hilary is pregnant with her first child. Plus, Devon (Bryton James) just moved Hilary into his penthouse, and although he set her up in a guest room, it’s pretty clear where things are going with them. They should be reunited well before the baby is born.

However, all that is in jeopardy now because Mishael Morgan will exit the show. So far, the first rumblings said she would leave in a car wreck, but there weren’t any details about what could happen to the baby. It did not sound like Y&R had any plans to try to recast the character of Hilary, which would’ve been a tough recast given the onscreen chemistry that Mishael and Bryton share.

The actress’s most recent tweets featured old photos of the show where Mishael found another character in Genoa City who had the name, Hilary. On June 1, she replied to comments on that tweet with the words, “Amazing memories!” That may have more meaning considering the news that she’s leaving the show where she’s shared so many memories with her costars over the past five years.

Twitter user Nathan Brandon Gaik replied to her latest tweet and wrote, “So sad to hear that you’re leaving @YandR_CBS! You’re one of my favorites on the show!” Many other followers and fans shared his sentiments.

However, another Twitter user felt perhaps Mishael should move onward and upward from her daytime adventure on CBS. An account with the username BabyGirlBlkft replied, “There’s another, brighter, door waiting for you to walk through. Primetime Show…. Movies… You are a STAR! Y&R is just one of your many stepping stones.”

The timing on Mishael Morgan’s departure is inopportune at best. Things have been going well for her character, Hilary, on the show, so this news comes as an almost unbelievable shock.