‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Shenanigans Cause More Trouble For Carly, Lulu May End Up Saving The Day

Joe ScarniciGetty Images for AT&T Audience Network

General Hospital spoilers hint that things are about to get ugly as Carly and Nelle face off in the courtroom. Nelle has her nemesis right where she wants her, but viewers have seen that both Jason and Michael are determined to uncover the truth. Now, new spoilers tease that Lulu may end up key to helping them prove Carly’s innocence.

New previews for Thursday’s show detail that witnesses will be taking the stand to testify in Carly’s trial. Bobbie will be heated as she defends her daughter and General Hospital spoilers share that Josslyn will feel conflicted as she tries to help her mom while staying loyal to her friendship with Nelle.

Carly has promised Diane and Sonny that she will remain calm in the courtroom no matter what happens. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nelle will provide quite the performance on the stand and her antics will spark another explosion from Carly.

As all of this is going on in court, General Hospital spoilers detail that Lulu will be talking with Dante about some of these issues. Lulu will note that she doesn’t trust Nelle at all and teasers hint that she may start digging into this and ultimately be the one to prove Carly’s innocence, showing that she didn’t push Nelle down the stairs.


SheKnows Soaps reveals that Lulu will be making a promise, and it looks like this may be a promise to her husband. Lulu and Dante have been struggling in their marriage lately to an extent due to the Peter/Nathan situation. Many would guess that she could potentially repair a lot of relationships in her life if she were to manage to help Dante’s extended family.

The past few months have been very challenging for Lulu and Soap Central suggests that her tough times aren’t over yet. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’ll continue to feel conflicted over her role in some of these recent incidents, but she’ll be making a vow and Dante will surely look for her to stick with it if it involves him and their family.


Griffin and Ava will talk during Thursday’s show as well. While he won’t confess to what happened with Kiki, General Hospital spoilers note that he will be trying to apologize or at least admit to Ava that he’s made serious mistakes when it comes to their relationship. Ava is said to relay what she saw to someone, and this may well be in relation to that fateful day at the Quartermaine mansion and the fall down the stairs.

When will Nelle get what’s coming to her? Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as they emerge as it looks like some great stuff involving Carly, Nelle, and Lulu is on the way. Viewers are anxious to see Carly prove her innocence and it’ll be interesting to see how it finally happens.