Golden State Warriors Win Game 3, Meaning Free Taco Bell For All & Salty Fan Reactions

The Golden State Warriors took Game 3 away from Cleveland in Ohio. Stephen Curry could not will the team as he did in Game 2, as Curry broke an NBA Finals record in three-pointers (9-17). In Game 3, Curry only shot 1-for-10 from three-point range.

Fortunately for Curry, he has Kevin Durant as his wingman. Durant did for the Golden State Warriors what LeBron James does almost every night, which is carry the team on his back by putting up a career playoff-high 43 points, 13 rebounds, and seven assists. The Warriors needed it. No other player scored more than 11 points.

Durant was clutch for all of his 43 minutes of play. Any time Cleveland would put up a lead on the Warriors, at one point a 13-point lead, Durant would respond and bring Golden State back into it. His biggest shot may have been a clutch 33-foot launch late in the game.

Cleveland will need to win four straight to take this championship. No team in NBA history has done it.

The Warriors victory led to America receiving a free taco from Taco Bell. The promotion only works through the first three games of the NBA Finals and is based on the visiting team beating the home team. On June 13, any person can visit any participating Taco Bell and order a free taco, from 2-6 p.m.

However, fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers cannot help themselves from being trollish or salty toward the fast-food chain. Who can blame them though? Many speculated that the Golden State Warriors stole Game 1 (124-114) due to poor officiating, blew them out in Game 2 (122-103), and took a commanding three games to none lead last night.

Going through such heartache and realizing the season is on the brink of being over could be a heavy feeling. Now Taco Bell is rewarding fans with a free taco. The situation has left a bad taste in fans mouths. They went to Twitter to voice their grievances.

One fan wrote about being a Cavaliers fan for life, and will not eat a tainted taco.

SFGiants Fan & I told Taco Bell to keep their tacos because the Warriors won.

El Cheap-O got creative and got the Kevin Durant taco Meme.

No matter how the series turns out, fans of Taco Bell can look forward to the June 13, also known as free taco day.