‘General Hospital’ Summer Spoilers: Michael Steps Up, Drew Gets Answers, & Liz’s Wedding To Franco Draws Near

Summer has arrived and General Hospital spoilers tease that there are hot storylines on the way. The show just released a new preview via its Twitter page, and it has definitely left viewers anxious for details about what’s coming up over the next few months.

The latest General Hospital preview says that they’re ready for summer and that there are good times on the way all summer long. The clip shows a lot of new shots taken of the key folks in Port Charles like Sam, Nina and Valentin, Liz and Franco, Drew and Kim, Lulu and Dante, Alexis, Sonny and Carly, and plenty of others.

It didn’t take long for people to respond via Twitter and point out what they liked or what they thought was missing. For example, there’s no hint of Julian and Alexis together as a couple, and people noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a photo of Nelle included. General Hospital viewers are still angry that Genie Francis was written out of the show and they want Laura back in the mix of things.

Other than perhaps some hints regarding who may be together or not this summer, the preview doesn’t reveal any juicy details. However, there are some General Hospital spoilers out sharing some tidbits about what’s coming this summer.

SheKnows Soaps hints that Diane’s plan with Carly’s plea may not go as planned and this will lead to a fair amount of time apart for Carly and Sonny. There’s more to come from Mike in revealing what he knows about the Croton situation, and Soap Central teases some General Hospital spoilers revealing that Ava’s dark side will come back to the forefront again.

Nelle will continue to think she’s set for life now that she’s managed to get Carly in trouble. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll soon find herself facing new problems and these may come thanks to Michael. Jason and Michael will apparently be working together to take care of this situation, and fans are anxious for Nelle to get exposed and taken down.

Drew will seemingly find some answers about his previous life at last, but General Hospital spoilers share that he may end up wishing he’d never learned any new details. Viewers can expect progress toward a real wedding for Liz and Franco, and he’ll be urging her to incorporate more of her family. People will be seeing more of her son Cameron over the summer, but a full-blown Webber family reunion may not be in the cards.

There will be storylines revolving around romance this summer, of course, but some couples may face struggles to remain united. There is plenty going on throughout Port Charles these days, and General Hospital spoilers note that there’s some great stuff on the way.