Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates ‘SATC’ 20th Anniversary With Tribute To Carrie Bradshaw

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Sarah Jessica Parker is paying tribute to her iconic character on Sex and The City. In honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, Parker posted a photo of an early Carrie Bradshaw taken when SATC made its debut on HBO on June 6, 1998. Parker captioned the Instagram photo by saying it was almost impossible to choose pictures or words to describe her feelings on the Sex and the City milestone.

“Where to begin?” Parker captioned the pic. “It’s too much. ‘Were those some of the best years of your life?’Abso-f&*#-ing-lutely.”

In an interview with HBO, Sarah Jessica Parker reflected on playing New Yorker Carrie Bradshaw for six seasons (and two feature films) on the Sex and the City franchise. Parker explained that her character, who worked as a newspaper relationships columnist, changed the way women were portrayed on TV because it opened the door for frank and honest conversations about sex. But Parker also made it clear that, despite the show’s title, the Carrie Bradshaw character was interested in much more than sex.

“The biggest misconception about Carrie is that she was somebody who was only interested in pursuing a sex life, when really she was interested in the conversations about sex and relationships, and her own and towards love and home. Carrie didn’t really sleep around and she definitely wasn’t casual about sex.”

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Parker also recalled her first day on the Sex and the City set, when she shot at Bleecker and Sixth Avenue—within walking distance of her own home.

“I had never done a television show in New York before that, and I was a bit worried about getting back into television,” the Sex and the City star admitted.

“I loved the pilot, and that first day on set was so much fun — I never looked back. I love this city and I’m always happy to discover a new street, whether I’m shooting or not — so often I walk down a street and have a memory of shooting there.”

Parker revealed that she still many mementos from her Sex and the City days. Sarah Jessica still has her character’s signature “Carrie” necklace as well as all of the wardrobe that wasn’t borrowed from a designer.

Sarah Jessica Parker is not the only Sex and the City star reminiscing about the show on its 20th birthday. As the Inqusitir previously reported, Parker’s longtime co-star Kristin Davis also posted a social media tribute which showed the cast and crew of the show on the final day of shooting the series in 2004, while Cynthia Nixon promoted her New York Governor run with SATC-inspired merchandise.

Take a look at the video below to see Sarah Jessica Parker in a classic scene from Sex and the City.